Defending Her Title

My Naomi is a funny little one. She can be caught playing basketball with the neighborhood boys or climbing a tree in her dressy church shoes with a little heel. She loves (loveslovesloves) to play outside, especially on her scooter. She has to be dragged inside at dark. One day it was pretty cold and there was a bitter wind out but she just had to go and scoot anyways. She would come in and declare she was done, but after warming up she'd say, "I can't help it, I have to go out just one more time." She'd repeated that several times.

She is also very competitive. We just had a family night this past Monday and Zoe was in charge. She wanted to teach us about working together- so she divided us into teams, the kids versus mom & dad. Zoe hid some things and the first team to find them all won. Oh my, you would have thought this was the Superbowl from how serious Naomi was about it all.


But that's our Naomi.


So when someone at school claimed that she loved ice cream more than Naomi loves ice cream..... Naomi, the self proclaimed Ice Cream Queen.....?


She wasn't going down without a fight.


So she did what any other Ice Cream Queen would do, she gathered her ice cream collection, smuggled it into the school to defend her title once and for all.


Armed with an ice cream cone necklace, ice cream socks, an ice cream folder and ice cream cards. Sneakiest of all, her ice cream t-shirt that she had to wear under her school uniform shirt. Come to think of it, the socks weren't 'code' either....

And according to her, that was that. She brought out the big guns and the other one threw in the towel without a fight.

Speaking of ice cream, I took art in high school, I believe every year.... and can you believe I have only 3 of my pieces of art??? A measly three? But what kid, teenager or younger, thinks to keep their art? How do you know what to do with art at that age?

But check out one of the three pieces, from when I was about 16 years old-

Naomi hasn't seen it.

Do you think she'd appreciate it, framed and hanging on her bedroom wall?

Diane Duda is the artist that made the ice cream shirt and art piece that I mixed with Naomi's in the collage- to see more of her art, click here.


Diane Duda said...

sweet! :)

mom said...

you GO naomi! don't let that title slip away (0:
i think she'd LOVE that ice cream pic framed and hanging in her room--who wouldn't? (who's an ice cream queen)

dar said...

we for sure see where that love of icecream came from. totally frame that and hang it in her room (or see what she does if its hanging in your room?!?!?!)