How I Store Food

Without a doubt, food storage is important. And if you didn't believe it before, do you not believe it now? With our economy in such a mess and a debt that will take a scary amount of years to pay off?

Oy and vey. Know what I'm sayin'?


So two days ago, on my anniversary, my husband and I picked up some food storage items.


Here is my favorite place to acquire food storage-

And here are my two favorite cookies to store from Two Smart Cookies-

Their Chocolate Chip Cookie-

And their Sugar Cookie-

Their seasonal Sugar Cookies never disappoint. Gorgeous every time.


But just because you don't live in Georgia doesn't mean you can't store this local delicacy. You can order these food storage items online!


Just go here- http://www.twosmartcookies.com/

You may not have realized that you can store cookies- but you can!!


And here is where.....


And here-


And you'll have to store here too-

When those places fill, you can store here.

Some people may find it rude to flaunt your food storage, but hey... you can't apologize for preparedness and obedience.

.Oh!Oh! Don't forget- to rotate, you need to consume the cookies often.

And remember, if we ever have a famine, the skinny chics go first.


And those that have stored cookies will get to suffer longer.

Hey, wait a minute.....


mom said...

HA!HA! you use the same storage technique as me! very funny post!

sara said...

That's exactly where I store them! Only my cookies are so yummy! What a waste!
I love the blue polka dot plates. Those look fun!

dar said...

oh yeah, I got quite the food storage going too but in slightly different locations

elesa said...

Oh, very nice. I am always complaining that I have nowhere for my food storage, but obviously I am wrong!
It is hard to type when I am laughing, because that "BAM" totally cracked me up! Very nice pictures!

I am LoW said...

Ma- I learned from the best! :)

Sara- Yeah, all cookies can be used, but if some people don't like making their own (and being self sufficient), it's a great food storage site. :)

Dar-Yeah right, tiny girl.

Elesa- I am glad to help, now you know, no excuse!! Store that food and take it with you!! BAM! :)

Carrie Maseda said...

Girl, you make me laugh! I've been storing up for the last 9 months, so I should be all set; having said that, I would love to visit two smart cookies sometime for a little extra! :) I have always wanted to go there, ever since I saw it in a Southern Living magazine.

aniC said...

my baby has some major food storage, and he doesn't even eat cookies.
i have a sufficient amount of food storage too, just not in the BAM! area.

Pamela said...

WOW! Your blog is SO funny!! I just love it!! I'm HUGE on the whole food storage thing! (even storing cookies) Haha! You should visit shelfreliance.com. That's where I get EVERYTHING for my food storage and survival kits. They have the best products on the market including YUMMY dried foods you can use to cook everyday and shelves to organize everything. Take a look because they always have coupons and sales! Thanks again!

I am LoW said...

Carrie- What a pal, a true friend, for appreciating my goofiness. :-) I've been storing for 10 years girl, you are way behind me. BAM! haha

AniC- You lie. You have no food storage whatsoever. Well, maybe you store some on your shelfs but you don't on your selfs. So stop it!

Pamela- Does shelfreliance.com have cookies? I mean, I am glad shelfreliance.com has survival kits, and I am glad shelfreliance.com has YUMMY dried foods, and I am SO glad shelfreliance.com has shelves, another great place to store your food storage..... but does shelfreliance.com have cookies?

Sue M. said...

Oh Lo... you got me! I was looking at those cookies trying to figure out how they could possibly last long enough to be considered food storageable (If that's a word). Too funny!

I just ate an entire sleeve of Thin Mints ... I already see that my thighs have expanded :( Those silly Girl Scouts get me every year!

The Crash Test Dummy said...

ha ha ah ahahahahahahah

Oh, you silly goose! Was expecting some boring ole' recipe for how to make laundry soap . . .

I was like WOW, GEE, WHAT a FUN anniversary DATE. GOSH, BY GOLLY GARY,knock yourself out there buddy . . . and then BAM, you psyched me.

I think is my favorite post of all time.

Where'd you get the drawings? Don't tell me Zoe? Or Nolan?

I am LoW said...

Sue- Way to store food!! Girl Scouts Cookies are good too! Good job! :)

Crash- Aw thanks. :-) The pictures? Well, those are self portraits by yours truly. Bam!

Tamara said...

I want to go there! Ummm...too funny, girl!

Anonymous said...

You are so funny, you have by far my favorite blog. Keep up the funny stuff. No pressure or anything. haha

I am LoW said...

Tam- COme on, I'll take you there!

Anon- ..... Shaw??? :)

I am LoW said...
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cally said...

Oh goodness. I have a little room on my left shelf screaming for that bird cookie.

I can squeeze it in between the mini eggs and the pistachios. It's all about being prepared.

You're so good to us.

I am LoW said...

Cally- Everyone should store sugar cookies in their food storage! Especially cute ones! :)

And thanks. I just feel like I must share my food storage secrets, it would be rude not to. :)

Anjeny said...

ROFLOL...I was all ready to put my two cents worth on the importance of food storage and then I scrolled down...ahahah...that was heeelarious. I love your place of food storage, very creative and cleverish..eheheh.

I am LoW said...

Anjeny- hehe!! Thanks, glad you enjoyed it! :-D