Longer Than Not

Today is mine and Gary's anniversary.
We've been together longer than not. Have you hit that point yet?
It's..... weird.

Don't get me wrong, LOVE my man, LOVE being married, but where did the time go?

Oh yeah, I've been having fun, so it's flown by. That's right.

Here is a picture of us taking our vows.

He just informed me, this is his favorite picture.

I said, "Really? But you look totally stressed out."

He said, "I don't know, maybe I was."

As a matter of fact, we have this day on video, I wish I could share it because he's chewing the mess out of a piece of gum, killin' it, very stressed out like. It's cute.

Here is Gary, kissing the bride.

And here we are after he made me his wife.

He still makes me throw my head back and laugh, just like he did then.


But right now, he's pacing the floor, waiting for me to get done with this silly little thing called blogging, so we can go out on the town and celebrate. So I am off!


Carrie Maseda said...

There's nothing like a man that can make you laugh! I knew that life with Rich would always be fun, and it still is! Congrats! I love the pictures of you and Gary! Also, don't forget the offer to help put your wedding video on DVD is still open; Rich will just have to be home, or show me how to do it! :)

Mel said...

Happy Anniversary! Hope your day is wonderful - just like you!

dar said...

wow! you've almost been married as long as me. you two are great, love the pics!

aniC said...

awww...it's days like this that i just loooove reminiscing! although i wasn't at the wonderful event, i still remember clearly when gary took you away from me. contrary to popular belief, little kids are affected by marriages and sisters and abandonment.
but lets focus on the positve, shall we? you two are a funny couple. i'd venture to even say complete opposites that, together, make the perfect pair.
i hope you enjoyed this anniversary day and enjoyed some reminiscing of your years together!

I am LoW said...

Carrie- Agreed!! :-) Ah, having it on DVD would have been awesome today b/c I have a hankerin' for watching it, but we don't have a VCR anymore. :( So I must take you up on that asap! And thanks!! :-)

Mel- thanks, that's very kind of you to say. ;-)

Dar- Maybe one day we'll catch up to you.

AniC- I read what you said to Gary, he said, "What does she mean opposite? We aren't opposite?" I said, "Well you are neat and organized, I am not. You are a a morning person, I am a night owl. You are disciplined, I fly by the seat of my pants....." and he said (something about my pants and...) "But other than all that?" haha

The Crash Test Dummy said...

Oh my goodness. Happy Anniversary. I'm almost at that point. I'm going on twenty years next week. I'm so happy I could make you so jealous on your anniversay. John Locke jealous that is.

You guys look so cute!

Now off with you. Go celebrate.

mom said...

you look so pretty on your wedding day...(in the hair piece i slaved over and you didn't wear). and they said it wouldn't last! oohhh, the joys of proving the "theys" of the world wrong!!! like mother (and father), like daughter. happy anniversary, you two. before you know it, you'll be approaching your 50th!

I am LoW said...
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I am LoW said...

Mother!! I AM wearing the "hair piece"! And I have the picture to prove it. Scroll back up and take a better look.

mom said...

hmmm...so you are. there was SOMETHING i made that you didn't use...and you didn't WANT to wear the hair ornament, but i guess i pouted enough that you gave in (o:

I am LoW said...

I didn't use the bouquet, not on purpose though, just forgot due to my nervousness.