A Therapy Session in my Comment Box Please

I have a problem and I need your help...
I never use to do this.
I use to could start and finish.
But lately I can't.
Lately I start and can never finish.
I knew it was bad.
But when I gathered everything for this photo shoot, I realized it was worse than I thought.

What you reckon my problem is?

Why you reckon it just started?


In my 30+ years of reading, I never did this, until now.

Is there a name for it?


*and why you reckon I am talking like this?


mom said...

yeah...it's called "biting off more than you can chew!"

sara said...

I call it, "the book just isn't interesting enough" Seriously, if you were captivated, you wouldn't be able to put it down. I do this all the time with church books. (Not the BOM, but like books written by Sherry Dew and stuff) I can never seem to get past the half-way mark. Oh, and I can never finish a motivational book either. I'll never know what the last 6 habits of effective people are...maybe one is to finish what you start.
Here's my advice. Watch the movie versions and call it good!

I am LoW said...

Thanks you two.

Ma- I don't know.... as in I am starting books that are too big for me? :-O

Sara- Oh, I totally can't read church books (unless written by Pres Hinkley) (and Scripture) and certainly not motivational. But really, all the books I really want to finish, one I stopped when it started getting really good (???), I intend to finish every one. Except I'm not sure about one, actually, Revolutionary Road (anyone?)

dar said...

I can never read more than two books at a time.
maybe you just need to set limits (figure out your limit... "I won't pick up another book until these two (or 3)are finished.
so that stack, pick 2 and finish those before getting to the rest.
ok, got it?

The Crash Test Dummy said...

NO, I KNOW What's it's called. I've been diagnosed with it too!

It's called Blogging! :)

It's also called ADDD, which is a result of the first diagnosis, BLOGGING!

Blogging is to blame!

The Crash Test Dummy said...

My pile looks a little different.

I don't use bookmarks. All my books are half cracked and laying on top over ever surface in the house.

Anjeny said...

That is a lot of unfinished read books you got there. Makes me tired just looking at them, no wonder you are in the stage you are.

Maybe Crash is right..blame it all on blogging. Since I started really blogging, I haven't read a book since the Twilight series. One of my sons even borrowed a book from his teacher yesterday for me to read and I haven't even touched it yet, don't even know what it's called.

I'm sorry I don't have much of anything to contribute to help you get to the books, maybe you can just pick one book in there that happens to be your absolute favorite author and read it for an hour before bed...maybe? That's what I would do.

I am LoW said...

Dar- I think you are right, I need to set limits for myself. Thanks, you ain't so bad, even if you steal boyfriends.

Crash- Blogging!! Why didn't I think of that??? Half my pile was actually half cracked and laying about too, this was my gathered look. That's when I realized how many I had!

Anjeny- I do read before bed too, the best time! :-) But yes, pick ONE, that's helpful! And blaming blogging! :-D

Dr. Liz said...

It's just called wanting to read something that you are in the mood for. You can't help it that you have a whole bunch of different moods. I say go with it! (My husband would say differently, as he would say I have the same problem...)

I am LoW said...

Ohmygoodness you guys!! A Doctor in the HOUSE!!

And she's spoken! :-)

I reckon the case is closed! It's all about the mood!

(And Dr Liz, if you had any idea how very very spot on I think you are, b/c my life revolves around moods, SERIOUSLY!! You must really be a Dr, in the phsychological way! :-), hehe!)

The Crash Test Dummy said...

Wahoooooooo! I just came over to congratulate you on your 2 new followers! YIPPEE!!!! I hope the new Dr. in the house will be following you soon too!

Amazing how you asked for therapy and you got it!

See how attentive the universe is!

dar said...

wow, never thought of 'the mood' reason... but that totally makes sense

I am LoW said...

Crash- Thank you thank you. Yes, the universe is great!

Dar- I know, right?

Mel said...

I CANNOT read motivational books, how-to books, self-help books, or anything that doesn't have a great plot. Why bother? It's not like a book is going to change my life - except the Bible - of course. I do the same thing - but if the book doesn't grab me; I just give it away or take it back to the library unread. Don't feel guilty. Some books just aren't for you. Some are. Some surprise you! That's why I read the last chapter of a book first - if I really want to know why it ends that particular way - I'll read the book....

I am LoW said...

Oh Mel- I could never EVER read the last chapter first! I'd feel like a cheater! haha

aniC said...

i think you just need thereapy. regularly. that's what the book pile says.

aniC said...
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nevadanista said...

I agree! It's blogging and blog stalking. I used to be an avid reader, but lately I can't pull myself away from the computer. I feel your pain!!!

Anonymous said...

May I suggest historical romances? It's all I care to read. Aside from church materials.