I Can't Blog Today Either

I... *AHHhhhhhhhhhh!*.... I can't blog.... *ahhhh! * *ahhhh!*
Cause yesterday... *ahhhh!!*
My little girl *Ahhhh!*
Got ger drivers permit.. *ACK!*

That means she gets to drive....


mom said...

NOW you've gone and done it! who is going to let her drive their car...you? (o:

dar said...

at least they get their permit a whole year before they can get their license, lots more practice that way. can't get the permit til they're 15 1/2 here, then after just 6 months they can get licensed

dar said...

I'm not a yellow fan, but I'm actually liking it with rae in it

sara said...

I love those pictures. That's hilarious! Good luck, I hope you have a good car insurance carrier.

I am LoW said...

Thanks guys. :) Funny thing- when she got home she, of course, was ready to go do a little driving. I said, "Talk to Dad, that's his job?" She said, "Really? Why not you?" I said, "Just trust me." And the boys both said, "It's true Rae, ask Dad!!" haha!!

Teaching teens to drive????? Give me a million baby diapers to change over that!!

mom said...

no fair! why do you get to ditch that job? i sure didn't get to!!! dad just conveniently managed to be gone all the time...and i was the one there to bug.

aniC said...

seriously, i dont know why you keep coming up with these lies. no way is she gonna drive...CARS! just like there is no way next year she is going to date...BOYS!

Something Marvellous said...

good luck with that!

I am LoW said...

Ma- Cause I wanna, that's why. At least you didn't have to teach me. :)

AniC- I am not coming up with the lies, RAE is!

Something Marvellous- Thanks, I am gonna need luck!

The Crash Test Dummy said...


Cool pic though!