Happy Valentine's Day

Last year I decorated for Valentine's Day.

But if I am one thing, it is consistently inconsistent and it just wasn't happening this year.

So Zoe decided to decorate the house.
Every metal spot in the house has a Valentine attached via magnet.
Like this chair with a heart shaped back.

Also, this year Nolan decided to try his hand at making Valentine cards.

I think I hear Hallmark calling.

My son, the prodigy.

The youngest Hallmark card creator ever, I can see it now.


Haynsy said...

Hello, thank you for calling Hallmark.

It's like Hallmark for whack jobs.

Very funny.

mom said...

i think nolan can just take me off of his valentine list (o:
(but i love zoe's!)

Sandi said...

Ha Ha....so stinkin funny!

aniC said...

happy valentines day lovey.
i wrote you a valentines poem.

it's valentines day,
so what do you say?
won't you come my way?
we can go out and play?
i'll make you a filet,
and a souffle.
then take you to the ballet.
you can stay til tuesday.
then you'll head for the highway,
wearing your new beret.
then it'll be over, and we'll shout HOORAY!

you're welcome!

The Crash Test Dummy said...

Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha. Now I really love Nolan.

How come I'm not surprised that you decorated last year for Valentines day?

Carrie Maseda said...

Can I just say that I think Nolan is hilarious?!!!!!!