I never thought of myself as superstitious, in any way whatsoever.

When I played high school basketball and had to make a free throw shot, it's true- I did bounce the ball three times, hold it, then three more times, and then shoot. But that's because the coach told us we are more likely to make the shot if we do the exact same thing, same bounce, same wipe of the face, same foot moves, whatever, every shot- every time.

But you wouldn't have found me believing I had lucky underwear or lucky socks. I wouldn't have eaten the same meal every day before a game.

Although when I was involved with another sport, we got a free meal at Burger King on game day if we wore our uniform.

Again, nothing to do with superstition in any way.

But the day I realized I was about to have MY son on Friday the 13th... I started feeling a wee bit superstitious.

But when you are 2 weeks past due, you aren't going to go one more day late to just to have your baby born on Saturday the 14th.

I wondered though... I wondered if this birth date would have an impact on this baby boy.

I reckon it could have a little. Do ya think?


dar said...

but we wouldn't want him any other way

I am LoW said...

True that.

Something Marvellous said...

I have a co-worker that just had her baby boy today! And she was really hoping she wasn't, but then she did!

I am LoW said...

I have a good friend who had her baby boy today too! haha!! I haven't heard yet what she thinks of his birthday though. :-D

mom said...

my mother (who is also born sept. 13 like nolan) was also born on a friday...or so she tells me. what do you suppose the chances of would be?

Anjeny said...

I think your son looks just fine the way he is. I'm sure he makes your home life more fun...no?