Abe, Honestly

Abe, honestly? Happy President's Day.

I have this here picture hanging in my family room. My green family room, not yellow.

Ya' see, I have a new camera and I have lots to learn about it.

Like how to take pictures that show the actual color that it's suppose to.

And did it not make a straight picture frame look catywhompus?

See, with a fancier camera needs to come a fancier pho-tog. I am afraid I'm not one.

Anyway, who is your favorite all time Prez???

And a Happy Belated Birthday shout out to two of my siblings.
They were born on the same day, but they are not twins.
My brother Burley, who never visits my blog, so it's totally cool that I share a picture of the day he let me and my sister dress him like a girl.

And to my older sister. The one seen, caught here, embracing my boyfriend.

She's also the one who's wedding caused my parents to forget my birthday.

But no hard feelings. Really.


aniC said...

you are SO bad for posting that picture of burley!

mom said...

one word...burleysgoingtokillyou!

dar said...

ohhhhh... poor lil bro

hmmmm... miss that old friend of yours, wonder if we should re-make that pose :-P~~~~

I am LoW said...

AniC- Why?

Ma- Why?

Dar-Seriously, you are married and he's married and you want to be caught in an embrace AGAIN?!? Breaking my heart wasn't enough??