Because I Love You

I share this story with pictures that have not been taken with my camera but that I've drawn on the computer because I love you.
My family is SO going to laugh at this memory.

When I was young, I discovered I had the most embarrassing humiliating deformity ever. It pained me, it consumed my every thought, it caused many many tears.

I had a freckle on my toe.

I was a freak.

Never mind that I had a bajillion freckles on my face .

My face, where people look.

It was so bad that I would cry every time my family went anywhere that involved barefootedness. Like, the beach or any other place that involved swimming. And we did that a lot during the summer.

So I did this every time.

I put a band aid over my freckle so nobody would see it. Then I would worry the whole time that the water would cause the band aid to fall off, and I would check my foot often to be sure it was still there.
(the band aid, not my foot)

One day, while in school- in the 5th grade, I looked down at my classmates foot (back when kids wore flip flops to school because our parents wouldn't sue the school for a stubbed toe) and I saw she had a little brown mark on the exact. same. toe!!

That's like, totally awesome! I thought. (it was the 80's after all) I am not alone. We can discuss our twin freckled toe and she can give me strength, she can tell me how to live life with this horrible condition!! In flip flops, no less!

So I said, "You have a freckle on your toe too?!?!?!?!"

Oh, the excitement! This bond we'd have!

"No" said she. ""My silly cat bit my toe, it's a scab."

Oh my goodness gracious, right back at being the only one in the world with the freckle on my toe.

It was a lonely existence, I tell you.

And a lonely freckle.

But then one day the lonely freckle wasn't so lonely any more.

Suddenly it wasn't just one freckle staring up at me, it was many. And just as suddenly life was okay.
Because really, what was I gonna do?

Wear a band aid on every toe? Now that's just plain silly!


mom said...

only you, lorinda...only you

aniC said...

you have a freckle on all your toes but the little one?!?! i have a freckle on only my little toe!!! with our feet combined, i bet we have super powers!

dar said...

very cute computer art skills you have.
I sooooooo remember you going through this stage and thinking how silly you were, although I didn't realize your one freckle later had others come and join it

I am LoW said...

Ma- You birfed me this way!!!

AniC- what? You saying "might" as though we don't?

Dar- It's true. The first one I thought was a splinter, I picked and picked before I realized that know, it's another freckle (on the big toe) and I just started letting go, the more I had. Like, what choice did I have? :-D

sara said...

Wow, those are great pictures. It makes me wish I had a freckle on my toe too.

Beth said...

So I am reading your blog with Abram on my lap shouting "more feet mama!! more feet!!" Just an FYI that we are loving your art skills! :)

Anjeny said...

First off...that is an amazing technical artistic talent. I love the pictures.

Second...your freckled toe is really cute. That was one of a kind.

When my 15 yr old daughter first discovered she had freckles on her face, there were a few spread sparingly on her cheecks, she was around seven that time,she did not like them. I found her one night in front of our bathroom mirror scrubbing her face. I asked her what she's doing, and she answered that she had dirt on her face, she's trying to wash it off. I had to explain what those was and how cute they were.

She didn't believe they were cute and hated them until she found out that her best friend had freckles on her face too. Since then, she thinks she had the most gorgous face because of those freckles, silly girl.

I love your freckled those..eheheh. You should wear be proud to show them off...they are absolutely adorable.

Anjeny said...

Oops...I meant toes, darn fingers.

Mel said...

Happy Birthday LoW

val of the south said...

I love that story - it should be made into a book...with those very cute toe pictures. I'm going to read it to my kids tomorrow (because I don't think they'd appreciate it as much if I woke them up tonight to read it to them!)

I am LoW said...

Sara- HAHA!!

beth- I'll draw more feet for him any day! :)

Anjeny- Bless her heart! I know how she felt! That's sweet!

Mel- thanks again! :)

Val- hahaha!! Thanks!!