I am a Caterer

Today, I cater.
I woke up this morning and found this on my 17 year old sons door.

( .... 'So don't wake me up or try to get me to go to school, MOM!' )
Then I heard Zoe in the ladies room, sick herself. I said through the door, "Zoe, are you okay?"
She replied with the wittlest voice, "No, I didn't weally sleep last night. I'm weally sick."
And she never woke me up for medicine or comfort. That makes me weally sad!
While getting breakfast made for the healthy-for-now kids, Zoe said, "My stomach just made a sound like Naomi's Leap Frog when it's turned off- it went 'boooooowooop'.
Excuse me now, she needs her blanket situated and the volume to Shrek adjusted.
And here I had set out to blog about my childhood.
Maybe tomorrow, if I am done with this catering job.
*Am I the only one that finds Nolan's handwriting whimsical?


Lorie said...

ugh! Feel better! Being the mom and being sick is the worst!

sara said...

Sorry they're all sick. I hope it doesn't last.

Sandi said...

well how very nice of them for not waking you up- the least you can do is cater for them today and then for the next round that will surely get sick next....we might not get to hear about your childhood for awhile...sorry!

The Crash Test Dummy said...

Oh, that is weally cute. And weally sad. But mostly weally cute. I find other's pain weally weally sad/cute.

Is that bad?

It's so fun to see Sandi and Sara here. HI Sandi and Sara!

wendy said...

I bet you are the weally best cateror ever ---cause you are doing it with LOVE. I hope everyone get well soon.It's weally exhausting being a cateror.

aniC said...

i was up all last night too. will you come cater to me? little j.t. isn't much for catering to me. i don't know what his problem is.
so will you come? i weally need you. weally!

dar said...

poor whittle things, hope they get better soon. and better yet, hope the others don't get sick (even though you expect it)

dar said...

oh, and I sure can't wait to hear about your childhood

Natalie said...

Hope everyone gets healthy and stays that way! I am weally beyond happy to hear you don't like the feel of cotton balls. Some have tried to tell me that my disdain for cotton balls makes me cwazy.

Sorry you didn't win my guessing game, but the good news is you're still getting a prize! :)

And lastly, just noticed you are in Georgia...looks like I'm moving there this summer. Farewell East Coast, hallelujah!

dar said...

ok, I think your blog is contagious, now my little kb is all of a sudden sick

I am LoW said...

Thanks for the well wishes everyone!! Weally, from the bottom of my heart!

And do you wealize how sad I am going to be when Zoe's speech teacher fixes her R's? Weally weally sad!!

Natalie- What part? And thanks for stopping by!! :-) My whole family has issue's with cotton and everyone thinks we are cwazy too!! :) But really, shivers just went down my spine thinking about it.

BOSSY said...

Awwwwwwwwwwwwww. Bossy is on the floor from the sweetness.

Carrie Maseda said...

I hope they feel better. I wish we as mothers had somebody cater to us every time we get sick; wouldn't that be heavenly?!

I am LoW said...

Bossy- I always feel a little nervous when you stop by, you famous blogger you!!! :-D

Carrie- I hear ya. Thankfully (thankfully! thankfully!) I rarely get sick.

Mel said...

Is everyone better now?