Guess Whose Birthday is Today?

Today it is Burt Reynold's Birthday!

And Jennifer Aniston's!

And mine!!

Look! I was once a wee babe.

Did you know that this is my last year in my 30's?

That makes me sad. I am very sad about getting older.

I am not so crazy about it that I try to look younger, or lie about my age.

I just pout about it.

Anyways, Happy Birthday me.


Carrie Maseda said...

Happy Birthday Girl!!!!!! Things only get better with age, and don't forget it!!!!

dar said...

Nice to see my little sister finally getting all growed up

LOVE ya sis!

mom said...

happy birthday lorinda! getting more "mature" does have some advantages...i'll get back to you when i figure out what they are (o:
Love ya'!!!

Anjeny said...

~~~clears her throat, "ahem"~~~

"You've had a birthday, shout HOORAY!
I want to sing to you today, one year older and wiser, too...
Happy Birthday to YOU."

Now, go out and enjoy your day, if anyone deserve to splurge on themselves it's you.

You were such a cute baby.

nevadanista said...

Happy Birthday! Enjoy your last year in your 30's :) I just left them behind myself.

Wow, are you as tired as me of hearing about Jennifer Aniston's b-day?

I am LoW said...

Carrie- Thanks!!! And I don't know if I believe you yet!! :-D

Dar- I am not growed up and you know it! :-P

Ma- I am not mature and you know it! :-P

Anjeny- That was beautiful!! I love your voice!! :-)

Nevadanista- Thanks!! Yeah, why aren't they talking about myyyy birthday today?! haha!

aniC said...

i'm not wishing you a happy birthday anymore! twice on my blog, and on the family site, and on the phone, and in december. that's plenty. but little j.t. has something for you on the private blog.

sara said...

I totally read that wrong and thought you said it was your last year before your 30's. Then I decided that you look really good for your age and especially for someone who had a child at 12.
Happy Birthday. I bet it feels good to know that Jennifer Aniston is older than you!

Sandi said...

Awwww I remember the 30's. Enjoy it while you can. Happy B.day to YOU

Something Marvellous said...

Happy Birthday!! Thank you for visiting my blog & leaving a comment. I definitely think you are right - a primary calling would be a great place for a YW going from YW to RS. I have been meaning to stop over to visit your blog, but I my computer has been crazy! Its now fixed, yay!

The Crash Test Dummy said...

OMGOSH!!!!!!!!HAPPY BIRTHDAY MY FAVORITE Georgian beauty. LY!!! Can't believe you share the same birthday with Burt Reynolds.

I can't believe you're almost 40. I'm only a few years older than you. You look way young, girlfriend.

And 40 was cake. Trust me. You come into your own.

val of the south said...

Happy Birthday LoW!

I love it when your mom calls you Lorinda in the comments - if it weren't your birthday, I'd think you were in trouble!

Hope you have a fabulous birthday!

Laura said...

Happy Birthday!

I am LoW said...

AniC- such a party pooper. Tell JT thanks!! :-)

Sara- haha! That's funny. Ole Jennifer is 1 year old, correct? Yeah, it feels good, even though she looks way hotter than me. But whatev. At least I am younger, even if I don't look it. :)

Sandi- I'm trying, I really am. But I'm still pouting. :)

Something Marvellous- It's marvellous to see you here! :-)And thanks!!

Crash- Thanks! And remember, my picture is fuzzy, too fuzzy to see the wrinkles. haha LY you too, and did you say cake??? Where is the cake? :)

Val- I know I am in trouble when she goes through the other kids name before mine, if she says my name right first, we're good. :-D

Thanks Laura!!! :)

April said...

A day late, but it looks like you had a great Birthday! And you last year in your 30's??? I got you beat by a bunch!!!

Mel said...

Lo-rinda - quit pouting. Al least dozens and dozens of people thought about you. What about all us really old people - like are fixin to leave their 40's....

Age is all in your joints.

I am LoW said...

April- I did. :-) You may have me beat but you look great, and that matters way more! :-)

Mel- You've once again put me in my place. I can always count on you to keep me in line. Thanks! :-D