So You Know I Love Vintage, Right?

And you know that I loved vintage before vintage was cool right?

Which does loving something before it was cool make you cool, or uncool? If you didn't love it when it was cool to love it? That's the million dollar question me and my dear friend Shawna once discussed. I must introduce her one day.

I digress..... do you think I care about what's cool? Cause you better know I don't. If I did, I would have waited to think it's cool, right?

Anyways, I come from a town that is great for shopping for such things.
(along with a fun little drug store the serves lunch at the lunch counter?)
The day I went shopping after Christmas with my ma and my sister that ate two sammiches, and her adorable baby and her baby's daddy (aka- her husband) was a wonderful and sad day.

One of my favorite shops.

And many of the wonderful sites from the day.

Do you have any earthly idea how good this would look in my kitchen? Oh my lands, would it EVER!
But check THIS out~
The first shop we checked out had this darling poster. Can you believe how darling it is? And the picture doesn't do it justice, for one, it's almost as tall as me. And I am nearly 6 1/2 feet tall!!! Minus one foot. And I think big pictures go wonderfully in my home!

But you really need to know is, I fell in love at first sight. Santa is darling and he is wearing a King's crown! And he's tall!

Ahhhh.... *sigh*

However, I had only so much money in my pocket. And he was more than what I had. As is the case almost always.

But I wanted him and loved him

What to do?

So I decided (and it made complete sense at the time) and I declared out loud for the family to hear, "I will come back Monday.... if he's still here, he's mine. If he's not, he never was mine.... it wasn't meant to be."

What kind of idiot comes up with such stuff?

So my family went home (to send some kids off to trek) and I got a text from AniC that said they went back and it had been bought.

I said, "Well, it was never mine then...." like a big girl. Then I broke down and cried inside, like a little girl.

I also gave the girl that came up with the stupid 'if he's still there, he's mine....' ridiculousness a butt chewin'.

So after the trekkers were sent off on trek Gary and the two little ones and I returned to my hometown and my sister invited me to go shopping. I looked at the window where the King crowned Santa and I first met in hopes that he's magically be there. I mentioned several times how I couldn't believe I missed that opportunity! (stupid, stupid, stupid!) I had the same Christmas cash in my pocket begging to be spent, but my heart was with the King Santa and nothing floated my boat.

That night me and my sisters and Ma hung out and chatted at my Ma's house and suddenly someone started singing Happy Early Birthday To Youuuuuuuu...

And I thought, 'I can't believe we are doing something for Ma's April birthday and they didn't let me know!'

I look at my Ma and she's singing with them and looking at ME and smiling!

I turn around and there is cake with lit candles!

No words for the shock. I usually get people, they don't usually get me. Whaaaat?

And I open a present and it's King Santa!!!

When AniC told me that the Santa had been bought, it had been, BY HER and FOR ME!

THANKS AGAIN Ma and E and AniC!!!

And he's soooo cute!

It turned out he really was meant to be mine. When they showed up he had fallen and they thought he was gone, and when they went to buy it the guy said it wasn't for sale, and when AniC explained that she'd been quoted the guy that quoted her just happened to walk in to confirm it was so. Then the other guy said, "I don't think the owner wanted to sell it" and luckily, they decided if they told her they'd sell it... then they needed to honor that."


Alright you guys, tell me how cute my Santa is.


dar said...

you have the most wonderful, cheerful, twinkle in his eye SANTA

dar said...

ok, so he doesn't have a twinkle in his eye that you can see... but I'm sure if his big rosy cheeks weren't effecting the look in his eyes, the eyes would be twinkly

Beth said...

LOVE IT, and it is SO you! So where are you going to put it????

mom said...

this must have been a very emotional blog because it took you 4 days to post it. (and you didn't even call me to say you weren't sick)
hey! i've kept things long enough for them to BECOME vintage. what does that make me? and STILL i didn't keep enough! i read an article today that some of the moveable valentines from the 1950s are selling for $50! i HAD some of those!

I am LoW said...

Dar- he's still twinkly, right? :)

Beth- I really don't know where I'll have it next Christmas. I just hope I figure out how to frame it by then. :-D

Ma- But I don't blog on Sat. and Sun. and today is Tuesday, to really.... I just skipped one day.

April said...

Hi LoW! I wandered over from Crash's site :) I just wanted to let you know that you have an awesome family to surprise you like that and SANTA IS KING!!!

I so envy that you live in such a cute town!!! I would die and be broke!

I am LoW said...

Thanks April. And Santa IS King! You are right! :-)

Thankfully the great shopping town is where I grew up but I live an hour away. The hour saves me from some real retail damage. hehe!

The Crash Test Dummy said...

I just can't wait to be YOU! Your life ROCKS!

So in love with it.

I am LoW said...

Crash- hehe!! ;-)

But the Santa is mine.