Then He Paid 4 Bucks So I Could Prove Him Wrong

Every time the news mentions a new study showing a food to have health benefits, Gary is all about it.
When we first married, it was honey. And so he ate honey.
More recently it was pomegranate. And so he eats pomegranate. And drinks pomegranate juice.
And now there is a bit of a buzz about dark chocolate. So he's always checking out the chocolate and the percentage, because they say the higher the percentage, the better the chocolate.
Haven't you heard?
As he's found higher numbers, I've sounded the warning bell.
"Gary, that's getting near unsweetened. Have you had unsweetened? Have you not ever snuck into your momma's baking chocolate? It's not good without sweet." Yet he's bought up to 85%, and he's said, "it's not bad...."
But then we ran into this-

I laughed, I said 'no way' he said, 'Oh yeah , 99% baby!' and I said, 'you are crazy, you better not, you'll regret it' and he said, 'I've had 85%, it was good' and I warned, 'trust me, no way will 99% be! No.Way!'
He was determined, my guy.
And he stood in line.
Then I said, "Are you seriously going to pay 4 bucks for me to prove you wrong?"
"Yep......", said he.
So he bought. We went to the car, he opened up his candy bar like a proud 3 year old who threw a fit at the grocery store only for his momma to cave. And he took a bite... and I heard it, I heard a very bitter snap in the bar, and I knew, I knew he couldn't fake it if he tried.
And he couldn't and he didn't and he said, "You were right! This is disgusting!"
He paid $4 for me to prove him wrong. Something I usually can do for free. :)


mom said...

men just never learn, do they (o:

mom said...

i just thought fo something...if gary wants to be "healthy" he should eat MY favorite candy. dark chocolate covered cherries. THEN he'd get the chocolate, fruit and milk...all in one bite! (that's my story and i'm stickin' to it!)

I am LoW said...

Oh, he eats those. He loves anything like it too, loves the dark chocolate candy bars with all the fruits and nuts.

I like mine fluffy and caramely and stuff though.

The Crash Test Dummy said...

ha ha haha ha ha ha ha ah I love this post.

Oh Lo, why don't you have more comments? You are the cutest thing in the entire world.

Beth said...

So I am totally cracking myself up right now-I thought when I looked at the pic that it said "Disgustation" like it was French for disgusting, but said fancy-I am a riot. Silly ol' Gary, will he ever learn?? By the way, did I read Carrie's blog correctly-is my "twin" pregnant and due in April too???

I am LoW said...

Crash- cause everyone is commenting on YOUR blog!! haha!! But see, I don't have parties in my comment box. What gives? I need to serve Code Red Mt. Dew? Banana Pancakes? What? :-)

Beth- YES! Your twin IS due when you are!!How exciting is that?!? And I notices the 'disgustation' too and thought the same. haha!

I am LoW said...
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dar said...

to too funny, I would have never guessed gary to be that kind of guy to buy into the latest health craze, my guy... yes, but not yours

April said...

HAHAHAHAHA!!! Your last line is my favorite!!! Your are one funny lady!!

Carrie Maseda said...

Too funny! Why don't men just listen to the women in their lives; we know what we are talking about!

I am LoW said...

Dar- really? YOu are surprised Gary's that way? It's so him...

April- Thanks!! I only said it 'cause it's true. hehe :-)

Carrie- Amen sista!

Mel said...

ROFLOL! Mwah ha, ah, ha, ha, ha, ha! GARY! I can't believe he did that! Hysterical.

Piko and Kanoe sitting in a tree. . . said...

Oh I'm grossed out that he ate that stuff.

It must tickle you that of course you were right!!! ;)

Jami said...

Mmm! Yum. No added fats or sugars. You should suggest cocoa powder. That's really num!