Eating at the Lunch Counter

After Christmas {and other times of the year, but most especially after Christmas} I like to go uptown in the hometown and do some shopping. And when lunch time arises, I like to go to the local drug store for lunch.
Look at these fine customers ordering at the lunch counter. I sure hope they don't mind me snapping their picture.
The fine customer in pink? She was educatin' them on how to make a chocolate soda when I snapped this picture.
The customer with the baby? She ate two sandwiches! TWO!
But I didn't judge.

Look at the lovely menu. And the great prices!

And the original soda fountain.
I so badly wanted to say, "Can you remove your sign from the front? It's ruining the photo shoot!"
But I didn't.

And here is the soda jerk.

Did you know that my mother in law was a soda jerk when she was a teenager? And that is where she met her husband?
True story.

Shall we sit at the counter?

Or next to the skin care aisle?

This fine customer looks friendly enough, I think I'll go with the counter.
I had a delicious lunch for under 3 bucks!

Did you know that when I was a teenager, I stopped by here quite often and got me a real cherry coke?

Also a true story.

And did you notice the girl holding the baby that ate two sandwiches? Did you know she has always had a big appetite, and when she was a young whippersnapper I often brought her uptown with me and bought her some candy?

I wonder if she remembers that.


aniC's annoyed spokesman said...

you are a jerk, but not the soda kind...for being so...you...about a woman who is nursing a baby eating two wimpy sandwiches.
aniC is now blocking out the good memories of going DOWNTOWN to get candy with you...not "uptown"

Mel said...

Great pictures! I love real soda pop. We had a drug store like that growing up. It's closed now. Your sandwich looks great! Good size too, one of those is just right. Yum!

mom said...

that soda jerk may have actually qualified for the moniker (: cuz when i said "fill it up with carbonated water" she filled it with regular water. how could she not know what carbonated water is while working at a soda fountain? HELLO--chocolate SODA!? (my egg salad sandwich was good too--always is! and i WISH i could get away with eating 2 sandwiches!)

Laura said...

Ha ha - I love your mom's comment. I have this thing about chocolate sodas and no one knows how to make them except in my hometown. (which is 3000 miles away)
I feel her pain.

I am LoW said...

AniC- :-O We don't call names in my blog!!!

Mel- Whenever you come and see me, we'll go by and get us a sammich! :-D mwahaha

Ma- you reckon b/c there is a new soda jerk everytime we go has something to do with it? I mean, you learn one real good and she quits or something.

Laura- Welcome! You need to let my ma know where your hometown is so she can get a chocolate soda made by a pro. :-)

Mel said...

I'd love to get A (1) sammich with you. Got any good job openings down there? :-) Hey, I could be a soda jerk. I do know what carbonated water is!

I am LoW said...

I think you'd make a great soda jerk!! :-D

dar said...

I'm hungry and all I want is a chicken salad sandwich from there, guess I'll have to wait a few more months for that though :(

mom said...

not to brag...but i think MY chicken salad is better than theirs.

I am LoW said...

My favorite from there is all of it, b/c I don't have to make it.

Ma- you do make good chicken salad. You make good everything.

mom said...

wow! thank you!

The Crash Test Dummy said...

Oh my goodness. That's it. I just figured it out. Everytime I come here I feel like I've gone back in time. That's YOUR secret. I'm so on to you, girl.

And I laught thinking of you taking of those photos in that cafe.

I am LoW said...

Ma- Yer welcome! :)

Crash- I like that. Not intentional, but... it would have been if I had thought of it. :) Can you believe the soda jerk acted like I wasn't taking pictures of her even though I was up close with the camera right. there? hehe

aniC's spokesmans spokesman said...

the comment you posted on aniC's blog was so upsetting, even her spokesman was mad. so now her spokesman got a spokesman. me. and i say...FOUR days since your last post?!?! what gives?!

kelly mccaleb said...

so fun!