- What Nolan and Rae walked through at trek. (and this is Nolan's picture from trek)

- What the color I am painting Nolan's bedroom walls look like. Even though it's called sauteed mushroom. Yum.

-What Gary's name was on Thursday.
Let me tell you about Gary earning the name.
I shared this picture of Nolan and Rae before trek. I had friends say they couldn't wait to see what they looked like after trek. Well me neither!! I was SO excited for the after. Yes, I wanted a picture, but way way more than that, I wanted to see for myself. I wanted to see my princess muddy. Nolan, I had seen, what with all his camp outs over the years. But regardless, I couldn't wait to see the after look. To greet them as they got off the bus. To hear and see them on the ride home.

But do you know what happened?

Gary and I had a miscommunication. When miscommunication means Gary said, "I'm running to the store" and I said, "but Nolan and Rae will be calling any minute" and then Gary said, "I was going to say, if they call, let me know and I'll get them" to which I said, "No way! I want to be there to get them!" to which he said, "It doesn't matter to me, I am just offering to pick them up" to which I said, "Whatever, I am totally gonna be there to see them off the bus. I can't wait!"

Then I was chopping some veggies for Black Eyed Pea Salsa and getting this feeling that even though I didn't get the expected phone call to say they had arrived, that they had. So I loaded up the two smallest and hurried to pick them up only to find out Gary already did!

So I hurried home as fast as I could, only to hear showers running, and they were in both.

Then I questioned Gary and he said, "I asked if you wanted me to get them and you said whatever."...........................................

That is when I took deep breaths and counted to 1,000,000,000. Then I counted some more.

Because it's like my pa told Rae when she totally didn't come to his birthday dinner the day after Christmas because she didn't like the restaurant he picked, "You will never get to go to my 65th birthday dinner because you missed the one and only I will ever have."

And I will never get to see my Nolan and Rae, muddy and stinky and pooped come home from their very first trek.

So here are my only after pictures. Showered and clean (and Rae a bit sun burned) catching up on the fat and calories with Easy Cheese.

And before you judge me, this is probably the second can of cheese I've bought in my life, to Nolan's dismay.

And here are pictures Nolan took with a disposable camera.

Just so you know, Gary is well aware that I am sharing our muddy (dirty) laundry on my blog. And he's also aware that it's part of the repentance process.

And he's been forgiven.

But I did get a little angry all over again while typing this.

But I'll be over it by the time he gets home from work.

'Cause I can never stay mad at him for long. No matter how hard I try.


SWIRL said...

Oh Man! sorry you missed it-
thanks for the luv at CTD,

don't stay mad... just get even.

dar said...

just gotta love it when they are trying to be helpful and yet totally mess everything up :(

mom said...

OK...i saw my boys when they came home from camp ezra taft benson...and i washed their muddy clothes. and i saw my trekkers and washed their clothes. i could have been ok without those events (:

Sue M. said...

Why didn't you make them go back upstairs and put their dirty nasty clothes back on? Then, you could have made them go outside and rub dirt on their faces. Then, you could have snapped photos. We never would have known the difference. You disappoint me :)

ps. Don't tell me that they would not have done it. I have kids and I know that they can be bribed...

pps. Did Rae cry when your Pa said that about his birthday dinner? I think that I would have. The guilt.. it burns...

I am LoW said...

Swirl- seriously, Mother of the Month with Family Fun? You are totally famous and I bow to you!! :-)
Hey- and get even? I like the way you think!!!

Dar- I know!! Boy do I know!!

ma- I've washed my share of muddy clothes, this time and when the boys camped with scouts. But I wanted to see their muddy glow when they got off that bus! You know the world knocks the glow off their face and fast.

Sue- I am disappointed in myself!? I can't believe I didn't think of that!?! You reckon it's too late? :-)

And Rae didn't cry, b/c she giggles, always, but she did beg for forgiveness, wrote a letter, and begged some more. I don't think she'll miss another one.

Mel said...

Sue! That is a great idea? I would have done that.... Why do men do the things they do?!?!?!?! Why? Why? Why! I'm glad they seemed to have a good time.

The paint looks like mud?!?!?! Eww.... Please tell me it looks better than mud! Please! :-)