UFC on the Sabbath

Not the Ultimate Fighting Championship.
No, no. Heavens no.
The Us Family is Connected.
The announcer announced.....
Innnnn thiiisssss corrrrnerrrrrrr.......
Nolan the Knock Ouuuuut!!
Then the announcer announced.
Annnd innnn thissss corrrneerrrrrrrrr....
Numb chuck Naomiiiiiii!!!!

They take their stance....

And Numb chuck Naomi charges her opponent!

But he gets her in a headlock.

And Nolan the Knockout arm bars Numb chuck Naomi

And he throws a punch!

But wait, Naomi gets the upper hand!

But then Nolan the Knockout gets the upper foot.

This is a new move to UFC.

But Nolan the Knockout is declared the winner.

The announcer announces that Nolan the Knockout will now fighting the reigning champion.

In thisssss corrrnerrrrr, Zap Out Zoe!!

And in thissssss corrrrnerrrr....

Knockout Nollllannnnnn!!!

Who will make the first move?

Nolan the Knockout goes for the Bear Hug.

Zap Out Zoe gets out of the hold and puts Nolan the Knockout in a choke hold.

She takes him down!

What hold is she going to put on him?!?
No way, he puts her in a hold!

Uh-oh! Someone studied the Karate Kid!

This can only mean....

Oh no, she comes from behind and gives him a Kidney Kick!
Zap Out Zoe wins!


mom said...

ok...this makes more sense because when i looked at it this morning...there were no words! i knew zap out zoe would win all along...my money was on her!

I am LoW said...

Totally didn't mean to post it earlier.

Same here, I just had a feeling about Zap out Zoe. She's got the killer kidney kick that always wins it for her. :)

dar said...

I much rather watch that kind of ufc

I am LoW said...

Amen sista!!

It just.... grosses me out! And I just.... don't get it!