Eat Poor on New Years, Live Fat the Rest of the Year

New Years Day's meal is very serious business and all true southerners take it serious, lest they disappoint their gramama's. (like someone I know, tsk tsk!)

True southerners have collard greens-

We munch our greens on New Years Day

a superstition old

they bring us bills with which to pay

our bills in full all told

True southerners have black eyed peas-

Having a good eye ensures sound decisions in the upcoming year.

True southerners have pork-

Eat pork on New Year's and live high on the hog, but if you have chicken, you'll scratch all year.

True southerners have sweet potatoes-

Eat sweet potatoes and nothing but sweet things will be told about you all year long.

True southerners try a new recipe on New Years Day-

Trying new things brings a year of great adventure.

True southerners have cornbread-

If ya don't eat cornbread, people will think you are corny.

P.S. I made up the cornbread saying

P.S.S. And the new recipe saying

P.S.S.S. And the sweet potato saying

P.S.S.S. S. The black eyed pea saying actually is a saying.... a Greek saying.

P.S.S.S.S.S. I think this is the first year we've had a traditional New Year's Day meal. But I had to tease you, Carrie! :)


Mel said...

You GO Girl! We had a Martha White cornbread topped, black-eyed pea, and smoky sausage casserole. Now, you KNOW how much I hate beans and peas, I had TWO (2) servings. Covered them with salsa and tabasco. Cause, who wants more doom and gloom, I'm just sayin....

dar said...

I actually ate black-eyed peas that someone made for the party. I was so surprised, living in CA and all, that there was black eyed peas to be eaten (I think I was the only one to eat it too)

Carrie Maseda said...

Thanks for calling me out girl! Thanks for making me feel better though by mentioning that it was the first year you have fulfilled your duty as a southern girl. The sad part is that even my dad got onto me last year, and I still didn't get it together this year; maybe next year. :)