Partyin' Like It's 1999

That's what we did to bring in the new year, partied like it was 1999.

Wes was, of course, no where near his parents on New Years Eve.

Nolan and Rae were trekking.

But Zoe and Naomi were all about partyin' with Gary and I.

We lit some legal {little} fireworks which Gary complained about only 10 times (or more) since he's a guy and all guys are pyros, eh?

We played Pictureka, thanks to Santa.

If you like the Where's Waldo type deals, as we do, you'd appreciate this game.

We drank bubbly pear juice.

And Zoe will be SO upset in the morning when she realizes that when the clock said this.

She was saying this- ZzzzzzZZzzzzZZzzzzzz


The Crash Test Dummy said...

Bubbly pear juice! Man, you guys know how to party!

Mel said...

Happy New Year!

dar said...

this was the first year kassy actually made it to midnight, mostly because she had plenty of friends to play with.