Want Controversy? I'll Give You Some Controversy!

First of all, I am going to have to ask my wittle baby sister to leave this conversation.
Seriously, this is between me and my blog readers, okay?
So AniC- you must leave. Now. Go.
I'm waaaaaaaitinnnng.......
I.said.go! Get. out!.....
Okay, get this folks, and seriously I wouldn't ordinarily do this but
AniC?! Are you still here?
Oh. I thought I heard her.....
Anyways, we got in a fight.
And I need some advice. Baby sisters...psh... they can be so hard to deal with sometimes!
So she was telling me the other day that she wanted to do a remake of those hilarious Sonic commercials and I was all, "Ohmy! That would be so fun! I want to do one too! I should get Nolan to do one!"
And she was all, "Don't steal my idea?!"
I said, "It's not stealing!"
She said, "Yes it is! That was MY idea to remake a Sonic commercial!"
And I said, "Well, I wouldn't remake a Sonic commercial, I would just do a commercial like a Sonic commercial."
And she said, "That's the same thing LoW!!"
And I said, "Noooo.... one is remaking and the other is doing.... like."
You guys see the difference, right?
But seriously, even if she came up with the idea first, I am the one with a Sonic in my town. And I am the one who had not one, but two sons work there. And not only that, but we movie-make and recreate all. the. time. And not only that but I think, but I am not sure, but if I remember correctly, Nolan has talked about doing a Sonic commercial before!!!
So that very night we totally did one. After our church activities we stopped by Sonic and didn't recreate but did a commercial LIKE the Sonic commercials. And my friends, let me tell you, it is hilarious!
And so I get home and I text my wittle baby sister and tell her and guess what? She gets all huffy with me. You know what she says to me via text? She texted- Jerk.
And we haven't spoken since.
I mean, we've commented on each others blogs and on our family site. But actually talked? Not once. And that was 2 days ago!
I did text back and said very kindly, "FINE!! I won't do it then! GEEZ!"
See, I can be mature and the bigger person when I need to.
But help me out here. What should I do?
Should I sacrifice our friendship/sistership and share the movie anyways (right before the Holidays)?
Should I be the big sister and let it go?
If so- HOW do I let it go?
Should we ask my biggest sister (actually she's oldest... I think I am the biggest if you wanna get technical) to be the judge and have her decision be final?
Should I drive the 8 hours it takes to get to her house and put her in a headlock 'til she see's things my way?
Should I tattle on her?
Scratch that. My ma would totally side with the BAAAAby! AniC might as well be named Marcia. Humpf!
AniC AniC AniC.
Once when I was in elementary school me and this girl wanted to fight. Like seriously, we told each other that we wanted to fight each other and it was planned for the next day. When I went home and told my ma, you know what she said to me?
Well she probably gave me a talk on why we shouldn't fight.
But then she gave me a solution.
She said, "Maybe you could resolve your issue by, instead of fighting, play a game of 2 Square, and whoever wins the game is the winner of the fight."
And we did! I made the offer, the enemy took me up on the offer, then she spanked me in the game of 2 Square. But we were friends after that 'cause you can't plan a fight but instead play a game and not end up friends, right?
So.... what would mom do? That should be the new slogan. WWMD. Wait- that's too close to WMD. Scratch that.
Anyways, maybe we shouldn't recreate that 2 Square day.... maybe we should do something LIKE the 2 Square day.
What do you think????
Should we both share our movies and then whoever has made the best movie is the winner of this horrific family feud?
And not because I have to get the last word in or anything, but AniC, since I know you've been eaves dropping this whole time- just so you know, neither of us would be the first at recreating/doing-like a Sonic commercial.

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Mel said...

You really should make a copy of the Nolan sonic Tribute commercial and give it to Anitra for Christmas. And have a loop of it running during all haoliday gatherings. Next family get together, duke it out over some game and the winner - yes - the winners gets a copy of Nolan's Sonic tribute. It's not a copy, it is a Tribute to the geniuses that create those commercials....

I am LoW said...

Mel- as ALWAYS, I like the way you think!!!

a person who reads your blog said...

But won't you feel silly if after all of this, yours isn't even funny?

I am LoW said...

Okay "a person who reads your blog".... there is no way you... I mean AniC... would EVER have a funnier movie than me.

shirley said...

your wittle baby sister just recently had a baby. don't you think you are putting way too much stress on her with all of this nonsense. just admit you're wrong.

concerned in little rock said...

Shirley is right. Your sister is in a fragile state right now. You should be a little more sensitive to her feelings.

aniC said...

i granted your wish and didnt listen in. but i'm pretty sure i know what all of this is about. so to those of you who have commented and expressed your support for me, i thank you.

i feel sorry for you LoW. you just seem so unhappy.

Anonymous said...

This is a joke right? No one would really "fight" over this would they? Man I wish I had so little to worry about that I would "fight" over this and possibly put a scar on my relationship.

I am LoW said...

But scars are cool.

Sue M. said...

Ok, Lo. You know I love ya', right? (In an internet friend type of way)... Here's the thing. Let me put my psychologist hat on for a moment. Could it be that this has to do less with the Sonic commercial drama and more to do with the way that your little sister may be tired of you taking over. By taking over I just mean in the way that older siblings tend to do... (not that you are evil or anything...). Older siblings tend to overstep their boundaries sometimes... I'm just sayin'.

Having said that... I know that you guys will resolve it. Maybe the next time you see your sister you should offer to babysit for the baby for a whole night... Let her go out to dinner, get a good night sleep and maybe even let her sleep in. All will be forgiven :)

ps. No Sonic up here.... I have no idea what their commercials are like... and no I didn't click on your links because I'm off to make dinner for the kiddos.

pps. Don't be mad at me Lo....

Anonymous said...

I think we both know you're right, however remember that people are more important then things

aniC said...

OH! sue, i love ya' (in an internet my sisters friend type of way)

let the record state that i agree with everything sue had to say and i loved her idea!

Kate said...

OK OK I had to see what the hoopla is all about....make the video together and solve the whole thing! :)

I am LoW said...

Sue- you know I love you too, right? In a internet friend type of way, of course. But I am starting to think you are the younger sister in your family? Because baby sisters have a way of sticking together like that. :-D With that said, I like the babysitting idea, I mean, it looks like I am the one doing her a favor and I am the selfless one, while I get to be selfish and get sugar from that baby. (that's southern for kissin' on babies) Besides, now I won't have to make the Eggnog Flan from Bon Appetit as a peace offering.... IF I choose peace.

Anon- All I heard is- "we both know you're right"- THANKS! :)

AniC- ..........

(that's the silent treatment)

Kate- I would, but it'll have to be a silent film, er, I mean, commercial. :)

pigtailannie said...

I'll like to state that my name is Sheri because I have a feeling this will come up with my nickname that my gradnpa gave me years ago....First off, I am the younger child in my family and proud of it!

I personally don;t see why only one person could make a Sonic commercial. Ya both could have done this and it still would have been an individual idea no matter who came up with the thought.

It isn't the original thought that really matters but what you do with it that counts.

I gotta laugh at the idea that this would put too much stress on a person whether they had a newborn or not!

Take care and have a great weekend everyone.

Sue M. said...

"OH! sue, i love ya' (in an internet my sisters friend type of way)"

Super, AniC... You are waaaaayyyy cooler than your sister :)

ps. I've learned over the years that the way to get to the heart of a new mom is to take good care of her baby while she gets to eat, shop or sleep. That's good advice for everyone.

Sue M. said...

"But I am starting to think you are the younger sister in your family"?

I'm a middle child smooshed between two brothers. But I did take a birth order parenting class one time so I'm pretty sure that I'm an expert.

aniC said...

kate is right. just sayin'.

I am LoW said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
I am LoW said...

Pigtail Annie- Sheri- as in MY Sheri from the OT?? (just wondering) - But anyways.. I hear ya. It's just... complicated.

and to Sue- ...SUUUUUE!!! Cooler than me?!?! Where is our d connection?! AND middle-child connection! We are suppose to have each others back!(I told you AniC was my Marcia!)


AniC- .............

I reckon that sorta makes you an expert. AND I AM A SCIENTIST BECAUSE I TOOK A SCIENCE CLASS!!!

Just call me Jan Brady...

mom said...

holey-moley...i'm not believin; this! i have a solution...one of you can make the sonic commercial, the other can make a freecreditreport.com commercial and I'M STILL SWITZERLAND!
(p.s.---jan...i don't open your blog when my info board says you haven't posted for that day...and i can't help it if it's not accurate)

I am LoW said...

(see, mom confesses by calling me Jan)

Ma- Do you hold the same high standards before you'll open AniC's blog?

Just wonderin.

mom said...

i open hers to see if yours or any of the others i read have posted lately. when it say under "i am low" posted 52 minutes ago, i read it. if it says 2 days ago, i don't. at best i can only be accused of being lazy...not preferential (o:

Anonymous said...

K so after looking at everyones comments I am thinking we all better view it. And the person who said you win cuz you ran with it is right. I happened to have made up cleaning wipes (using baby wipes) years ago, however I didn't run with it. I am full of regrets now. I could have been rich and famous. Do you want to be rich and famous? POST IT! We will judge. Bring it on sista!

Carrie Maseda said...

Okay, no real advice; I just wanted to thank you for the good laugh I got from reading your blog! :)

The Crash Test Dummy said...

Holy Cow girl. Isn't it sad how controversy is the only way to get attention. Use the words Osmond or Glenn Beck too. They work like magic.

I think you should BOTH make the commercial. Even though it WAS HER idea!

The Crash Test Dummy said...

P.S. Did you know you have a little mouse with an overcoat in your comment box. Kinda creepy. But then I have a little chicky with an oozie.