Thanksgiving is Coming! Thanksgiving is Coming!

One more week! How exciting is that?!
If you've been needing a little somesin'-somesin' to get in the Thanksgiving spirit (pray tell, who ever really needs help in getting in the Thanksgiving spirit??), you've come to the right blog.
At my children's school, all the 2nd graders - this time of year- have a turkey project. They are given a plain paper turkey to decorate as they please and then they answer a few questions about their turkey.
When Naomi was in 2nd grade she made a Disco Turkey-

Her teacher, who had seen this project done many times by many different children, had never seen a Disco Turkey before. It was a hit and a very good grade too.


This was Zoe's year to do a turkey.

Guess what kind of turkey Zoe made?

A Zoe Turkey! Of course. Can't you tell?!

Here is the Q&A about her Zoe Turkey

What is your turkey's name? Zoe

What is your turkey wearing? She is wearing a pair of jeans and a flower shirt, like me!

Where will Zoe be during Thanksgiving dinner? Zoe will sit by me on a chair, not on the table to be eaten.

What will your turkey do after Thanksgiving dinner? After dinner me and my turkey Zoe will watch TV.


Remember when I told you about Zoe's HUGE Thanksgiving preformance?

Zoe's class sang 5 Fat Turkey's

I told you it was huge. She fattened up quite nicely.

Alright, whose ready for some turkey?


Piko and Kanoe sitting in a tree. . . said...

That Fat Turkey idea is just too dang cute!

Zoe your turkey is gorgeous!

aniC said...

haha, zoe turkey! it looks just like her.

mom said...

i love the zoe turkey. will she have if for dinner with some zoe canned green beans? i loved the fat turkeys too.

The Crash Test Dummy said...

OHGosh. You must be the funnest mom in the entire world! Every holiday you must party like a rock star.

I hope my kids never find your blog!

I am LoW said...

Thanks gusy. I do have a cute little turkey, don't I?

CTD- I do like to party, but I might be deceiving you if you think I party like a rock star. I'd say I party more like a.... someone who has an acting part in a commercial. So... commercial star. Or maybe like an extra in a TV show. :)