Move On Lady!!

You are going to think I am not over Halloween when you see my pictures, but I assure you, I am. No really, I am, because I am SO ready for Thanksgiving.

But the Monday after Halloween Gary and I visited our local cemeteries. We were looking for extra old graves. Not because we couldn't get over Halloween, but because we recently learned that Gary had some ancestors live in our area 150+ years ago. We were excited to learn that. We thought we were the first to this area (minus my one cousin who transplanted her with her husband...). And although we live only an hour from our home town, and although living near your hometown is likely, to have family live in this exact hometown when there are many many other towns nearby that they could have lived, seemed exciting! We had never heard of this county we are in before we moved here and as it turned out, Gary's ancestors sure did.

So we decided to check out our cemeteries and see if we could find the family name.

And lo and behold, we found one.

Just one.
But we found one!

Her first name was not a name we have. And there was no children or a husband listed on her tombstone. Instead she made the mystery all the more exciting. Is she related to my husband? We have more research to do.....

In the mean time, let me show you pictures from our visit and tell me if you don't see beauty and art in cemeteries of old... because I sure do!

Or have you just decided I am even weirder than you originally thought?


mom said...

i love visiting old cemeteries...the older the better! it was so cool to visit maine and see gravestones where people were born in the 1500's. and i LOVE some of the sayings engraved on the stones!

The Crash Test Dummy said...

You should really meet Alyson from New England living. She has a gravestone fetish too. And every time I look at that photo of you biting your daughter's neck I think you need one of Annie's vampire shirts.

So my makeover lady link is at the bottom of my site near the sitemeter. But you don't need a makeover!! Your blog is already so cute.

I am LoW said...

Ma- the saddest thing was all the gravestones that you can't read anymore.

CTD- I am officially offended, that's my sister!!

I am LoW said...

CTD- Oh, and thanks for the compliment about my blog. :)

Diane Duda said...

good luck with your search! thanks for sharing the photos...not weird at all.

shaniqua said...

i love old cemetaries too. i guess its a family thing.

dar said...

it must be a family trait, I really enjoyed a project keenan had to do of a local historical famous person and we went to the cemetary where he is now and it was soooo cool.
and it is sad where all the writings are gone now

Cindy said...

I really like the first picture. You take great pictures.

Piko and Kanoe sitting in a tree. . . said...

These pics are gorgeous. My mom-in-law slept in a cemetery once while doing her geneology. . . now that's weird.

I am LoW said...

Thanks much Diane!

Shaniqua and dar- By golly, it must be!

CIndy- Why thanks, I never think I do. But I keep taking them anyways. :)

Kanoe- I COULD NEVER!!! I might couldn't have even stood there and enjoyed it without Gary. It's beautiful, but it could spook me if I were alone.

mom said...

i love going to the old sheldon church ruins (from before the revolutionary war). there are lots of old graves there and it's just such a sacred place...i always feel very reverent.