Naomi's General Conference

General Conference, when Gary isn't working, becomes a family event. We travel home and view it with Gary's mom. The boys go to the Priesthood Session with my pa. We somehow, at some point, hang out at my parents house. All the while Naomi's birthday is usually in the mix. Yesterday I tried to convince her that the church leader's gathered to talk to the world just for her special day. Think she bought it?

Between sessions (and then some) on Saturday we went to my ma's for a family dinner and a birthday celebration. Naomi ooh-ed and ah-ed over this.

And then some more over this-

And I had to hear (again!) about how they want me to decorate like Gramma. And how we don't have anything up in our house. (the lies!)

Then we 'et.

(bad picture, it was much more cozy (crowded) than this... but by the time the seats were filled I was eating and not taking pictures)

I ohh-ed and ahh-ed over my tiny yet chubby neice. Did you know tiny and chubby can go together?

And I complained to Gary that we don't have any baby's in our house.

And I was entertained by my sweet nephew.

Who looks like he has a crush on Naomi in this picture.

Naomi opened presents. This, I thought was darling.

Zoe made her this colorful envelope.

With a picture she made of Naomi's favorite- an ice cream cone.

Plus two tiny ice cream cones.

Then she blew out the candles. When we went to the bakery to get the cake it said, "Happy Birthday Naomi and Tim", she misunderstood the, "Please write Happy Birthday Naomi and the number 10"

Last years cake said Noami instead of Naomi. (we let that one slide)

The following day the kids were bribed with candy (like the previous day) to be quiet during General Conference.

Zoe's quiet activity was to make a can filled with green beans. The can reads- Zoe's Beans.

I hope your weekend was as filled with uplifting and inspiring words, yummy food, family fun, and green bean creativity as ours was!!


mom said...

does zoe know about andy warhol? he made a LOT of money doing art about packaged foods (o:
the weekend was great and the left-over lasagna we had for sunday dinner was good too ('specially since it meant i didn't have to cook!)

Cindy said...

it sounds like a lot of fun being with family.

The Crash Test Dummy said...

Naomi like ice cream cones, doesn't she!

The Crash Test Dummy said...

And HOW RAD that you know CRAZY HORSES! I thought that allusion would go undetected!


I am LoW said...

She really really does.

I DJed a youth dance a bit ago and it was 70's themed and I played Crazy Horses asking people to guess who sang it an nobody knew. Donnie sounds sooo tough in that song, so much more Osborne than Osmond. :)

Carrie Maseda said...

Bribery, why didn't I think ahead; I'm sure I would have gotten more out of the talks if I could have heard all of them. I will have to plan better next year. :)