Little Rascal!

My older sister, the one that, ya' know- I once caught embracing my very first boyfriend.... and they were so unashamed that they stopped and posed for a picture.. ya know, that one? Well, my parents knew what they were doing when they named her after the Little Rascal character, Darla- because Little Rascal is quite fitting.

I am a couple of years younger than Darla and she took full advantage. Once when she wanted to know about a certain kind of kissing she'd heard about at school (hint: rhymes with drench missing)- she sent ME to go ask Ma about it... yelling 'the question' to Ma across the backyard, while she hung clothes on the clothes line, at the very top of my 'so-the-whole-neighborhood-could-hear' lungs.
"Moooom?! What's 'drench missing'?!?!"
All because Darla sent me to do so. That Little Rascal.

Then there was the time that we shared a bedroom and she was gone late-ish that night because she was now in the big girl's group at church and I wasn't quite yet. I had to write her a note about something I found so important in my 10 year old life and in cursive, with my poor handwriting and spelling skills meant to write "Oh shoot" but spelled it "Oh shut" but looked like "Oh (bad word)". And what did she do when she discovered what she thought was me writing a bad word? Went and got my mom. They woke me up to question me about this potential bad word and then laughed at me when they discovered the mistake.... Little Rascal.

We, like sisters do, played a lot together in our youth. Barbies, paper dolls... you name it. She was always so particular and neat and sometimes I was banned from playing with her things because I wasn't. Once she came up with a game she drew out on a paper, she drew squares and had me draw a picture of something specific in each square. And she saved that thing and gave it to me all these years later.... Little Rascal.

She's a saver all right. And she's a keeper and a serious picture taker. All the pictures of Gary and I pre-marriage were taken by her, and given to me later. Little Rascal.

Family is also very important to her. Not only the one she created as an adult (all 7 youngin's) but the family that she moved across the country from years ago. (little rascal) Since we became grown ups (so they say) she's been very diligent about visiting, even with all those kids and even with all those miles. Little Rascal.

So being the Little Rascal that Darla is, yesterday she gave us all a good scare. She had a medical emergency that a mother of 7 children ages 7-19 shouldn't have. So if you are one to pray, this Little Rascal and her family could use your prayers.

In the mean time I'm going to continue reflecting on my awesome big sister who gave me that one nickname that still comes up occasionally.... finding that tick on her back.... whispering secrets about secret crushes (fine-she whispered, I shouted from the roof top)...visiting her at the old timey drug store she once worked... her inviting me to come and hang out with her friends the day of her high school graduation.... and so on and so on and so on


mom said...

this is a nice post lorinda...i'm sure darla would love it. thanks, 'cause i'm dying here!

shaniqua said...

awww..that was sweet.

so, what about where your name comes from? mwwaahhahahahahaa!!

I am LoW said...

Oh Anitra, you know how I HATE talking about me... so let's leave my name out of it! :-)

Amy said...

Aaah, what a fun Sister Post. I hope she's okay!

The Crash Test Dummy said...

I was going to comment, but now I can't think of anything G rated. ;)

Cute blog! Cute girl! Cute.

I am LoW said...

What if I changed it to PG? :)

Thanks e'erybody!

dar said...

hey moms talkin on the fone so im sneeking this comment on here...oh yeah this is Kristina im REALLY BORRED!!! i like the stories about my moms life that i sould of heard from my mom but instead i had to hear it from my aunt low how lives ALL THE WAY ACROSS THE COUNTRY!!! i have to go now shes on her way here..and she doesnt look happy!!!

dar said...

this is now really darla...
thanks low, it was good to laugh.