Just Call Me Jan Brady

Just like the movie 16 Candles- my parents forgot my 17th birthday with all the hustle and bustle of my older sisters wedding.

That's just one example of my life as the middle child.

I've always considered myself the middle child even though technically I am number 4, but when your parents raised 11 children, who is exactly the middle child? Is it all the children numbers 2 through 10? Is it number 6?

Can we just say it's me and call it a day?

When I was a child I tried it all for attention. I did poorly in school, that didn't work. I tried to do well in school, but I was better at doing poorly. I was loud, I tried to be funny, I talked nonstop. I tried to shine through extra curricular activities.

But how come my sister has a picture like this and I don't?

I wanted two of ME in the same picture too, ya know? Where is mine? How did she get one? WHY did she? I WANTED ONE!! (or is it two? two in one? I wanted two in one?)

And remember when Dad took her to the Ice Capades? Why her?

I'm just wonderin'.

Now I'm an adult (so they say) and you'd think I would be over the Jan Brady/Lucy Camden comparison, but I'm not.

I still try to get their attention. I still am loud and attempt funny. One time, when all my sisters were home, I drew a mustache on myself with eyeliner and walked in the house like nothing was out of the ordinary. I get THAT desperate folks!!

I try to win their love by making them lots of food. I try to get them hooked on treats so they have to keep coming back to me for more.

I dedicate a blog post to my sister for her birthday (about a surprise party I threw for her!!) and asked questions so she'd HAVE to comment.....

They say the squeaky wheel gets the oil-


In other words, Tamara, WHY did you comment on Anitra's birthday blog post to you and not mine?


Chopped Liver

P.S. and that goes for you too MOM!


Amy said...

Aaah, I'm so glad I clicked on your comment on PioneerWoman. You rock. The things we have in common: Middle child, five kids, Mormon, cooking, attention driven.

Now, back to reading your posts.

I am LoW said...

Amy- awesome!! Where is your blog??? :) I want to read someone else's 'woe is me' stuff! :-D

Amy said...


mom said...

no one will in the family will ever dispute your "middle child" status. you shoulda' chosen to come first or last! (o:

mom said...

wow! wonders never cease...it posted! let's go for 2 in a row!

Cindy said...

I'm guessing this post isn't for me, but I would love you if you make me lots of food.

I am LoW said...

See Cindy would love me if I fed her.... what's my family's problem?? :)