These are a Few of My Favorite Things

Gary, such a dude, laughs at the things I get excited about and see the beauty in. Yesterday I showed him a little something (that I will show you in a sec) and told him all excitedly my feelings on the matter and he just looked at me like I was a young child talking nonsensically and said, "....m-kay".

But as a young girl I was one who dreamed not of details of some big fancy wedding but of details on my future home.

Like this dream come true-

I imagined, for I can't remember how long, having buckets of flowers that spilled over. Spilled over being the key word. A bucket of flowers are nice, spilling over was my visual dream and I can't tell you the feeling that comes over me when I think "I have a bucket of flowers that spill over the sides." The beauty of it thrills and excites me and makes me feel like everything will be okay in the world.
Because look- flowers are spilling!! Over!!!


When Gary and I bought our first house Rae was a baby and of course I was thrilled as can be to decorate but most especially I was excited about fixin' up my baby girls room. I remember being at work and discussing with my friend my dream for Rae's room. I remember specifically mentioning "curtains that will be all flowy when the windows are open on a beautiful day". And she laughed and laughed at my silliness.

She made jokes of my life not being like a movie... with props- with fans blowing curtains for an effect.

But tilt your head to the side and looky here-

How peaceful was that?!?
And beautiful. And I got 'em! I got my flowy curtains! And a beautiful day even. My curtains are flowing as I type. It's very distracting to me in a "oooooh, floooowwwwy currrrtainnnnns" sort of way.
.... and this is what Gary said "m-kay" to yesterday.


Lastly (I am limiting myself to 3) I cannot really say I dreamt of this spot in my house however this is something I never knew I always wanted.

I love this spot in my house. Not so much sitting in the spot (although there is plenty of sitting done there by others) but to look at it. It also brings me peace. I think it's beautiful in it's simplicity and soothing in it's rich colors.

Even though my family teases me about it.

That spot I love so much is right across from this spot-

Which is where I usually do sit when in the family room, when Zoe isn't resting there.

And there you have 3 of my beautiful dreams come true.


Motherboard said...

I added this blog to the Witty Women... and took the other one off. Your VOX one would never show up, because it wouldn't allow a feed through to blogger...

glad you switched! You're funny!

Sherena said...

I love your favorite spot too!! Where ever did you get that beautiful bench? My "no-vision" husband is kicking himself today for not seeing my vision.