Outdoorsy Junglefied Salt and Pepperrrr

I have shared three posts about three completely different things that, as it turns out, are totally connected and it's bugging me that you may not know it.

I wished Gary a Happy Birthday on my blog just a couple of weeks ago- while showing a picture of him and friends after a fishing trip to show he is 'outdoorsy'.

Let's take a closer look.

See this guy with Gary? For the sake of privacy- let's call him Lonnie.

Lonnie had several brothers and Gary has been friends with them forever. Like, since he was 4.

I want to tell you about one of Lonnie's brothers...... let's call his brother Ed.

Ed was my first hand holding experience. I was 13 or 14 at the time and we sat right here during a softball game, where there were once bleachers, and he held my hand.

(learn more about this mysterious spot here)

And so what that one of my friends was on the other side of him holding his other hand?

We were kids, we were playing around, he still held my hand and it was still a big deal ....to me.

And the guy that held my hand is now married to the girl that I mentioned on this post.

So there you have it, Gary's outdoorsy picture is the brother of once-there-was-a-ballfield-here and he's married to salt and pepperrrr post.

Now I feel better.

Speaking of salt and pepper, I found my shaker, remember it was missing?

Well get this little known fact about me.

I feel very strongly about always placing these shakers in the PS position and not the SP. PS makes me think of PS I love you. And I love it so much that once I got fancier salt and pepper shakers but since they don't have the P and the S, I don't use them. And speaking of love, I have a something that I must share about love. You'll love it, trust me.

But I don't think it will be tomorrow because guess what we are doing for family home evening tonight? Making a movie! So tomorrow, if all goes well, I imagine I'll be sharing a movie.

And guess what?

Today is the first day of Fall!!!!

I've been all about the watermelon and peaches and strawberries and boiled peanuts, but now it can officially be all about the pumpkins and pumpkins and pumpkins and pumpkins!!!


P.S. Boyfriend stealing Darla? Aren't you so

glad that when I was mentioning those

brothers that I didn't bring up that one brother?

Oh- and I love you!! :)


BOSSY said...

Did somebody say Pumpkin Pie? No?

Cindy said...

It's so cool that I know these people, and I totally remember that baseball field! I still have, & wear my Dad's LDS baseball tshirt. I love that thing.

dar said...

well thank goodness your not showing the pic of me with the said 'lonnie' or 'ed' and the time I went shark fishing with them.
and oh, the ball park....
cool salt and pepper shakers too

I am LoW said...

Bossy- I'm so glad you dropped by. :)

Cindy- Ohmyword, I wish so bad I still had my shirt!!! How cool would it be to wear now!

Dar- If I only had the pictures of you fishing with them.... mwahahaha