Poets Are We

I haven't been shy about my poem writing skills.
Nor have I held back bragging about the
poems Gary writes for me.
But did you know that our poem writing genes have been passed down to our son Nolan?
I present to you one of his poems.

by Nolan

He couldn't see her face
Just the back of her head
He knew she was beautiful
And that's all that needed to be said

He wanted to talk to her
But he was too scared
He wanted to call to her
But he never dared.

Just to see her face!
It would be so grand
And he just knew
It would not be bland.

He finally gained the courage
'cause he was as curious as could be
And only her face
Was what he wanted to see.

He roughly cleared his throat
And peeped out an "excuse me"
And then she turned around
But SHE was a HE!

Nolan wrote this last year as a school assignment. Thanks to said school assignment I have a whole book of poems by Nolan. This one was for sure my favorite. It was inspired by the school uniforms that our school system implemented last year that made the whole student body androgynous (which I think is awful). I remember hearing Nolan and Wes talk about how it's made it harder to know sometimes if you are looking at a dude or not. Now some may argue that THAT is the point but hello.... then there is reality.

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