My Wittle Baby Sister's Baby versus My Teenaged Baby

I absolutely positively cannot, (cannot!) get enough pictures or video of my new nephew!
My sister posts them on her (private) blog. (sorry guys)
She posts them on our (private) family site. (sorry again)
And she sends them to me via text. And I reply, "Aw! SO cute! More! More!"
It's amazing how he's so little and yet she just puts a camera up to him and he knows how to be cute. He just..... does.

Like this video of cute baby Judson-

I watched this over and over.
Then I showed it to Gary.
Then I wanted my own baby (which I still ask for daily) to video and show the world.
Then Gary said no (which he still says daily) and I decided I must make do with what I have.
I took my camera and put it up to one of my babies to see what he'd do.

Yeah... Um.... No.

It just doesn't work like that- it's just not the same.

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