Church Doodling

That's what my kids did a lot of yesterday....
It started with Zoe, who is but 7 years old, who has every right as a 7 year old, to bring her notebook for doodling.
(the notebook being the shape of trapezoid, so understand my cropping issues)

Starting with our trip there... it was Stake Conference, so it wasn't as close as it usually is, so longer drive. And longer meeting.

Then Naomi asked Zoe to draw something and drew these beautiful flowers.

Zoe took back the notebook and drew flowers also, and a bee and butterfly and I heard Naomi whisper to Zoe, "Give the sun a smile." So she did.
Then, my favorite by far, Zoe played hangman..... with herself.
First she drew the lines below, then the hanging contraption, then she filled in the lines (and had to change the lines to fit what she filled in) then she drew the hanging person.
Next she drew some (modest, might I add...) outfits.

And so did Naomi.

This is where things got ugly.

Nolan somehow snagged the notebook at this point. He drew what he saw from his angle.
That's me on the right, he was kind when he drew my (thin) arm and leg.

Rae apparently talked Nolan out of the notebook and drew Wes, her focus on the stray curl poking up on top of his head.

Then Nolan took the notebook back and to top Rae's slam, not just poking fun of the hair, but his tie and chin hair.

Then Wes wanted to snatch the notebook... I finally notice the commotion.
And Zoe's notebook full of sweet innocent drawings became mean and ugly...
(in church no less!)
...and I had to confiscate the notebook.

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