I Married Jerry Seinfeld

Yesterday, with perfect temperatures outside- open windows and flowy curtains- making for a nonchemical induced fresh scented home.... I tell Gary excitedly, "There are no words, NO WORDS, I tell ya, for how I feel about having the windows open and a breeze blowing threw my house!!"
He asked, "No words, eh?"
"None!" I say.
"Gary, I said no words!"


Diane Duda said...

You're so cute. :)
And I agree...no words.

Nouveau Riche said...


And since Jerry married a woman half his age, you are now Gary/Jerry's young trophy wife.

I am LoW said...

Di- Thanks!!

Nouveau Richie- Whoa! I like the way you think!!

Cindy said...

When I opened the windows yesterday, I thought the same thing..so nice.