It's All a Blur

Did my daughter really just turn 18 yesterday?? Did 18 years go by already? I remember her birth so well, my first natural birth after 2 c-sections, the almost 3 weeks past due, the changing of OB's right at the very end of the pregnancy because my doctor was not being supportive and didn't show his true colors until the end because he thought I would put up with that crap, the 47 hours of labor, the massive snow storm.... It seems as though that all just. happened.


And yet she is now old enough to VOTE. She is considered an ah-dult. 

It's just crazy to me.

What is also crazy is that she wanted a very low key birthday. (Gary said, "She sure doesn't take after her momma.") She had no plans, she wanted no cake (she asked for a pineapple or a smoothie in lieu of cake), and what did she want to do when she got home from school? She wanted me and her to go to the gym and take a class. Then we had her favorite dinner (bbq chicken pizza) and I DID make her a cake anyways (ever combined a angel food cake mix with a can of lemon filling? delish!) and she opened presents.

That was that. And supposedly that was all she wanted.

And yet it didn't feel like enough.

But either way, she was feeling very reminiscent yesterday and so was I.


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Anonymous said...

I think that isn't crazy.And people more like to live yesterdays who love.And they are feeling with this very good.I think that is fine.