I don't think my 42nd birthday needs to be journaled because I don't think I will ever forget it.

Some birthdays are just regular old birthday, I get cake and ice cream, I am remembered, it is nice. But occasionally it's an exceptional birthday and I don't feel like I deserve all that love and attention I am getting, but I sure appreciate it.

My 42nd was definitely an exceptional birthday. I have no words for how much I appreciate others making me feel so loved.

I woke up to a menu for breakfast in bed, thanks to Naomi and Zoe. I spent some birthday money from my mother in law on a pedicure, while my kids tidied up the house. I came home and was laying in bed on the laptop looking at recipes and on the way to a grocery list and a trip to the store when I got a big huge surprise! (video above) I am still no over that shock. My mom and sisters took a stunned me to lunch, which was great. Then I took my daughter to a dance and had no intentions on staying, after the first slow dance with my husband, I was to sneak out for dinner plans but the teens sang to me and I got some amazing chocolate cupcakes.

I am so thankful for those times that I feel loved and appreciated and not forgotten, and I am SO grateful that those times tend to come at the perfect time. Who doesn't want to feel loved?? I realize I need to make sure that I am showing others that I love them too. Especially after being reminded how very touching it is.

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