One Month Late-or

If you don't mind, I would like to share our Christmas with you, even if it is one month late.

Zoe got this stuft animal from Nolan. It was wrapped and under the tree a couple of weeks before Christmas. On the tag he had written, "Ha! Top that!" He was proud of giving such a large gift.

Zoe bought Boo a ball and as soon as she opened it for Boo Nolan said, "She'll never play with that." Zoe rolled the ball and proved him wrong. It couldn't have happened more perfectly for Zoe. 

Rae got a cute key chain but no car keys with it. She thought that was a cruel joke. I truly just thought it was a cute chain.

Nolan wanted a fridge for Christmas, for his room. I think he thought it would be bigger than this Sponge Bob fridge. But hey, it works!

Men can get cookware for Christmas too.

Naomi has asked for a DS for 6 years now. She finally got one from Santa. A real true Santa, because I refuse to buy game systems ever again. 

I still adore the Christmas morning mess with all of my heart!!!

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The Crash Test Dummy said...

SuWeeeeet! So fun to see your family again. I laughed about the Sponge Bob fridge.