Double Dog Dare

I was dared to try a cartwheel, 20-something years later. Although I will take on that dare, I don't dare share the video of my actual cartwheel. But I will share the not-so-slight exaggeration that my daughter reenacted.

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The Crash Test Dummy said...

You have no idea how hard it was to find you.Do you know what nonsense pops up when you punch in iamlow.com. Even from my reader! So your address has changed to iamgalow.blogspot.com? I missed the memo. Sorry I've been AWOL.

Hey, GUESS what! GUESS Who! I attended at symposium with HAVEN KIMMEL today! Aaaaahh! She is soooo coooooool and funny and smart. I bought you the sequel to Zippy and she autographed for you! Send me your address! Hurry, hurry!