To wrap up my camping posts (which I meant to get in last week, but Mother's Day threw me off), may I close this lovely edition with some pictures of aunt-ly and uncle-ly bonding/love?


These are just a few pictures of cute little guys and gals having moments with their aunt or uncle (or as the picture right here shows.... both)


It is often seen at family events, child in the arms of not their parent, not when their is time for some bonding with an aunt or uncle.

That is why get togethers like this are so important.

Get togethers are one of those things that everyone should make sure happens.



Sister Black said...

Dad and I were just talking about how great it is to have family get-togethers and later see pics of everyone cuddling kids that are not theirs. It's just NEAT! Such good memories for the kids!

dar said...

some sweet pics, love it, and just wish I could have been there too

The Crash Test Dummy said...