It's What We Do


I am discovering that we are a sketchy family. Not that kind of sketchy, the drawing kind. I didn't imagine it to be that way, but it is and I like it.


Not this past weekend but the one before, my family and I sat and watched 8 hours of TV. It was the good kind of TV though. There was a lot of sketching going on that weekend. That's when Naomi gifted Nolan with a paper corn dog. There were a few more sketches produced that weekend that I felt the need to share.


Rae drew portraits of the family. This is me. Yikes.

And so did Nolan.

They drew their dad. In his defense, he was quite sick. . Wes was on his laptop throughout conference. In his defense.... there is no defense! In my defense, he is 21 and it's not my computer. Otherwise I woulda'..... This is Nolan's self portrait. You see his frown? And his "cough cough"? You would think he's frowning because he was coughing but no. He's frowning because he's mastered the frown and won't stop frowning! I've been trying to get a picture of it but he wouldn't let me. But the other day I texted him something and he didn't like my text, so this was his reply-

Zoe saw her older siblings drawing the family, so she drew us all as Robots.


That inspired Rae to draw the family as vegetables.

And that, my friends, was the best picture of me yet!




All8 said...

And yes, you are.

Sister Black said...

OK...I want to know which gramma is the 'mater? (I think I like Zoe & Naomi's family portraits best (o: )

dar said...

those are all pretty dang cut.

my kids have been doing the 'someone draw a silly shape' and the other someone tries to make something cool out of it. the kids do good with that, me... not so much