Come Join Me

Ride the Ricochet (at Carowinds) with me and 3 tweens (one being Naomi). It's an inbetweener ride, which is fitting for these inbetweener girls. We did it 5 times, so I think you should press play 5 times.




Sister Black said...

That didn't seem like enough of a drop to make your hair blow back! Do you remember the coaster at Santa Cruz? Or Marine Worl/Africa USA? THAT would leave my stomach at the top of the hill!

This looks about my speed...I must be a "tween" (0:

lunch box lowdown said...

It was definitely enough to make the hair blow back. I don't think the video does it justice.

I only got to ride one ride that was MY kind of ride- here is a link to it.


In case you can't tell, it makes you lay on your back.

lunch box lowdown said...

Actually- try this link-

dar said...

it seemed like a lot of twisting and turning once you got up there and not much dropping.
but it still made me feel kinda sick in the gut just watching it