Birthday Wishes


Thank you for all you do.You take really good care of us! I hope you have a Happy Happy Happy Happy Happy Happy Happy Happy Happy Happy Happy BiRtHdAy!...So does this mean I have to pack my own lunch?:(



I love you so much you are the best mom that can be! You take VARY good care of me and I made up a BIRTHDAY song for you it goes like this.......... HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU .......... HEY HAPPY 20TH B- DAY


Dear mom,

i hope this is a great birthday for you. your such a great mom and you deffinately deserve a day to yourself. sometimes i look at other people and realize how unfortunate they are because they dont have you to be their mom. nope. just me and those 4 other ones are lucky enough to be able to say we have the best mom in the existence of moms. sometimes when we meet people we say "hi im the owner of the mom everyone is jealous of, whats your name?" or sometimes we say "hi, my name is rae, and yes it is true my mom IS better then yours" or when we're feeling extra sassy we say, "hi, oh no, no your mom does not compare"

Lorinda, i am glad your my mom, i find you inspiring at times. i love you mom


Female Parental Unit,

Your birthday is coming up soon. And as everyone knows, birthday comes from the Latin root 'bur thday' which comes from the Malayo-Polynesian word 'brday' which means "That one day when you get to act like a brat and you get all sorts of presents and it makes you all spoiled and you know what else? You eat a lot of junk food so it also makes you fat." Although 'brday' might actually mean 'bird'. Scientists aren't completely sure on that one. Anyways I feel like if I buy you a superfly present then you will feel like you have to buy me a present that is equally superfly for my brday. As in birthday, not bird. I don't want you to get a superfly present for my bird. That would be a waste because we all know that animals don't have feelings. As a matter of fact...What?...What did you say Mom?....I need to stop writing? Why?.......Cause I'm taking up too much space?......Oh....Ok....................I just stop writing...........now............Ok now...............................NOW....ok


dear mom your awesome, you make the best dinners and desserts a guy could ask for and your the best person to sit down and talk to, thanks for everything you do. love wesley


dar said...

haha... those are all cute and fun and how can it not make a mom feel extra special.
happy birthday sis!

Mamafamilias said...

How precious was that, I ask you!!

Happy to You!