Every year, for the past several years, we have a Family Night and come up with a theme for that year. Now mind you, as much as I intend for us to focus on said theme all year long, it doesn't really happen. I may mention it once or twice again but then it fizzles.
If only we were graded on intentions.
A few weeks ago I taught a lesson on Family Night about focusing on the 80%. I shared this story I had read recently about a newly married couple, the husband told his new wife that he was 80% good, but if she focused on the 20%, they'd probably struggle more with their marriage than if she focused on his 80%. Of course that is true and applies to many things in life. So I said, "Let this be our theme for the year. Let's focus on the 80%."
Lo and behold, this one may stick. Because I've heard reminders of 80% several times since!
Case and point, just a couple of nights ago my stomach was killin'. Someone noticed I looked to be in some pain and asked me if I was okay. I said, "Not really, my stomach is hurting."
To which my children all explained to me that I needed to focus on the 80%.


Sister Black said...

(I love your little blackboard)

Aren't kids just ever so thoughtful?

dar said...

amazing how they always think about th 80% and the most opportune time