"You have good songs on your iPod....... for a Mom."


Those words were said by my 16 year old daughter who uses my iPod for her daily wog.

(walk with the occasional jog)


But it was Zoe who was borrowing my iPod the other day when she kept coming to talk to me but was doing that whole yelling thing, not realizing how loud she was being. It was SO stinkin' funny. Finally I decided I had to get some video of her yelling at me... but once I got to my camera she was in the family room doing the Cupid Shuffle. (and I never got her yelling)


By the way, click here to see how one is suppose to do the Cupid Shuffle.


Close enough, maybe?



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The Crash Test Dummy said...

Dang, that's cute. I just lub that girl.

And I lub the whole idea of a wog. I can do wogs. Only I've been calling them jalks.


You're such a cool mom. I wish I could hear you iPod playlist. I bet there are lots of 80's tunes on there. Wish you make my video for me too.