That Was When I Was Shot Down



I was so excited because I found this race that sounded so stinkin' fun.


So I showed Gary and said, "Doesn't this look so stinkin' fun? Let's DO IT!"


That is when Gary said, "Are you kidding me? I did that mess in the military and it wasn't fun. That's a no."




Sister Black said...

I say if you want to do it--go for it! I'll come cheer for you. Then Gary will be sorry he didn't and you can forever say "I DID!" (I can't say it looks like anything I EVER would have considered my brand of fun--but it's admirable!)

dar said...

my knees hurt just watching it, but it looks like something I would have enjoyed years ago

I am LoW said...

Ma- Gary says he won't be sorry b/c he's done it. Over and over. :) I admit, it all looks fun EXCEPT the wet muddy feet that have to keep running.

Dar- still knee problems? I was just reading about excersizes that help strengthen knees.

All8 said...

Well, I guess there has to be one crazy Lorinda in the world. (lol)

But I agree, if you want to do it, Do It.