So Stinkin' Thankful


I am so thankful that I grew up watching my two parents be madly in love with one another. I could literally see their love for one another with my own two eyes.
I am thankful for that because it showed me what a good man is like and how he treats his wife. I saw how I should treat him. I don't dare say I am as good to my man as my mom is to my dad but without a doubt, Gary measures up on his end of the bargain.
Gary is a man of integrity. He is honest through and through. He is a good man. He only acknowledges the good in me and ignores my flaws. And when I nag him about his flaws, he let's me. How ridiculous is that?
And he loves me (ME!). He really does.
Truly, with all my heart, I have been blessed. And this is what I've been thinking a lot about with Thanksgiving coming up.
.That and about how thankful I am for Thanksgiving (my favorite). And Autumn. (Rae and I decided we are going to try to use the word Autumn instead of Fall)

Yesterday I was mesmerized by the leaves falling. I felt like it was snowing crispy, crunchy leaves.




All8 said...

Fall, scratch that, Autumn is my favorite too.

Of course Gary's a great guy. Hm, do you think that all Lorinda's marry fabulous guys? Maybe we're the luck 2.

Enjoy your autumnal weather.

I am LoW said...

Lorinda- YAY!! Maybe it is a name thing. :)

Sister Black said...

Thank YOU Lorinda...that was a sweet tribute to your dad and I as well as to your own beloved.
Funny...I was just sitting watching the leaves fall too...and feeling very autumnal (0:

dar said...

I love driving down the streets and seeing all the pretty colored leaves. I also love seeing the leaves that have fallen on the streets and when people drive by and the leaves are flying behind them, it looks cool

The Crash Test Dummy said...

Ah, I lub you and Gary. And I lub Falling leaves. I can't wait to meet you and the fam one day.