Good Things


.Thanksgiving week was filled with Good Things for my family.

We attended a local Festival of Lights.


My boys didn't make it to the event which was a bummer but my girls got along beautifully, and that always makes for a great successful evening and a super happy mom.

And I got to try my hand at rock wall climbing. I rather enjoyed it.

They always have awesome sand art at the Festival of Lights.

And you were told reindeer pulled Santa's sleigh.....


We feasted with the rest of America on Thursday and Friday found us at the movies after some 5 Guys-

3D no less.
It was awesome.

By the way, need a little help with the Thanksgiving leftovers?


The Crash Test Dummy said...

Hi girlfriend! So happy your Thanksgiving was wonderful. I LUBBED mine too. Best holiday ever!

And lub the sand art. I always suspected that the sleigh was pulled by seahorses. Now it's confirmed. ha ha

Thanks for all your help!

All8 said...

What girl wouldn't love the whole festival of lights?! Glad that you had a great time.