Sorry, No Blogging for Me Today






All8 said...


Heaths said...

hahaha....i want one of those!

"magic meatball, should i scrub the bathtub today?

...magic meatball says no?

darn. i guess i'll have to eat cookies and watch Chuck."

however, I would like to overrule the meatball's verdict. you should, in fact, blog a funny story or cute picture or witty observation today. your readers demand it!

Sister Black said...

Lo...you've always been inverntive, but...today you have gone to new (and might I add extreme?) lengths to find an "excuse" to avoid doing something. And being your mother...I should know!

dar said...


I am Lorinda W- you can call me LoW said...

Lorinda- I know, I SO wanted to blog today!! :-D

Heather- Don't hate me for being obediant. :-) hehehe

Ma- I wish I had a magic meatball when I was growing up. Oh, the things I could have gotten out of.

Dar- ;-)