I'm Innocent! I Swear!

I didn't mean to pull anything over on my kids, I really didn't.
I just bought a delicious snack on Friday and, after devouring a handful, left it on the table.

Then one by one, after the kids walked in from school, came to me and said, "What IS that on the table?!"
As one popped it in her mouth thinking it was a treat, some yogurt covered something. Another thought it was pistachio's and yet another thought it was sugar coated something or another.
Then they each told me over near vomiting, running for water, shoving bread in their mouth to mask the taste that was lingering.
But I am honestly innocent of any wrong doing.
How was I to know that not everybody would love Dried Wasabi Edamame as much as I?


Heaths said...

hahaha....that will teach them to eat your snacks. :) just kidding.

my mom should have done that. i used to sneak into her room and eat the stash of chocolate-covered raisins in her closet. perhaps if she'd replaced them with something not as palatable to a teenager....

See Mom Smile said...

I can't handle Wasabi but I can handle fooling the kids!! Priceless!!

Sister Black said...

yee-aah...I'm not going to eat any ambiguous food on your table any more!

The Crash Test Dummy said...

heee heee heee he eehehehehahahaha hohohohoh he he he he eh

That's awesome!

Laura said...

I KNEW it! I KNEW someone - (Heaths maybe?) was eating my hidden stash. Ahh, Lorinda, you are a tad too late with your blessed wisdom