More on Moments Caught on Tape


Remember last week when I talked about taping something and later catching something you missed?


Well, last weekends egg toss wasn't the only video I taped, nor was it the only one that cracked me up later.


During General Conference last weekend Gary nodded off a time or two or three. I noticed Zoe getting a real kick out of watching her dad's head slowly go down then bob back up. So I got out my camera, and of course that changes things a bit, when one knows a camera is on them (most people anyhow) but the video pretty much shows what was happening before. Watch her as she watches him, and then notice the look on her face when he wakes up and catches her watching him. It's just a split second look that comes over her face but it's HILarIOUS. If you don't catch it, you may need to watch again.

(if you still don't catch it, I think it's at about 40 seconds)

I also love it on Survivor, when someone goes in confident and then that one vote wipes the smile right off their face.


SOOO funny. Sometimes a little sad, but still kinda funny. And so immediate. Ah, I love it!


The Crash Test Dummy said...

hee hee hee

That was priceless! She is such a cutie patootie!

My hub was nodding off like that too.

Sister Black said...

It's the eyes...the true windows of the sould! She looked so "gotten!"