Extra Credit (my promised story)

When I was in high school I had a teacher named Mr. Cranford. He was an interesting man, a bit PeeWee Herman-ish andvery unique. I remember he loved politics. His tests were hard and his class felt impossible to pass, if it weren't for the extra credit he offered, I don't think many would have either. He was entertaining and creative but tough.
So there were several ways one could earn extra credit in his class. If a student attended city council meetings, they could receive extra credit. If one bought the small town weekly newspaper on Wednesday and brought it to class Thursday to prove they did, extra credit. And on Friday he left time at the end of class for the students to give a report on any article in the newspaper, for more extra credit. One could sing, dance, or do the jig. As long as it showed that an article was read, credit was given. Mostly the class just gave oral reports.
One time with seconds to prepare I saw this tiny blurb in the paper. I felt so proud to make an oral report out of two sentences.
I went up to the chalk board and it went a little something like this-
Main street use to have the normal average paved sidewalks.

But while beautifying our town, someone decided to add broken pieces of sea shells to the pavement. (see the sea shells?)


At first everyone was happy, because sea shells are pretty.

But shoes are pretty too. And women love their shoes.

Did anyone take into account what the sea shells would do to women's shoes?

It appears not.

For women's shoes are getting RUINED all because of the pretty sea shells on the sidewalk of Main Street.

And there was my extra credit! Cha-ching!
I'll spare you the details of the day, for extra credit, I rapped while my friend rolled her hips in a circle to show the economic cycle. Recession- Bam! Hips to the right.....



All8 said...


I'm pretty sure that you were too cool for school. Bam!


dar said...

you who shares the same name, you know her quite well...

I bet the recession one was quite funny

Linda said...

I love it. I bet the sidewalks were beautiful but not friendly on the Jimmy Choos!

I wish life had extra credit. Like all the good I do one day will make-up for the fact that the next day my sorry butt lays around all day and eats left over Easter candy.

Sister Black said...

I thought Mr. Cranford was so sweet. He always said good things about you at parent-teacher conferences. Funny thing is...after all the bad stuff kids did to him...there have been a couple who have run for public office and creditied him for their interest in politics. How sad that he totally got out of teaching )o:

(that stuff the sidewalk is made of is called "tabby"--the same stuff the old buildings at Dorchester state park are made of which are nearly 400 years old. Tough on shoes...but it lasts!)

Heaths said...

hahaha! how clever you are! :) and i must say, the economic cycle rap sounds like it would have been a hit.

oh, i saw this on someone's blog today and i thought you might enjoy it, after reading your nicholas sparks post :)


I am Lorinda W- you can call me LoW said...

Lorinda- :-D

Dar- it was. hehe!

Linda- Life SHOULD have extra credit! No fair! :)

Ma- He was sweet and very cute and very very strange.

Heaths- thanks for sharing that!!! And it's SO true. And I didn't know he was so full of himself regarding his writing. Puh-leez! haha

The Crash Test Dummy said...

Wow! That is one kooky kool story.

Hey, I just finished Zippy. Sigh! Took my time on purpose.