Thanks For Asking


I got a bunch of emails requesting I share the menu from Rae's surprise par-tay.

.Okay, so not really. Truth be told, in 2009 I got a whoppin' 2 emails about my blog. And that was up from the year before! But can I just pretend I am one of those bloggers???

.Just for this one post?


.So I got a bunch of emails requesting I share what foods were served at Rae's surprise party.

.First let me share that I did not make the gorgeous cake, her wonderful friend that I like to call CatV did.

Niiiiiiiiiiiiiice, huuuh? She's a rockstar when it comes to cake decorating!

This here is the food table with almost all of the food that was served for the night.

This is what was on the drink table, which is cotton candy cups, there were little 6 ouncers of Sprite chilled and waiting for the guests to pour over their cotton candy cups.

The results-

Pretty, they said, but it didn't taste different.

I made Brownie Bites 3 Ways. (actually, a friend did the baking of the brownies and I topped)

Here on the right we have a Triple Berry Brownie bite with a little Raspberry Sauce and a Maraschino Cherry Brownie Bite with a Chocolate Ganache.

The third Brownie Bite was topped with a Cheesecake Creme and a chocolate R, for Rae.

Then we had a jar of Whoppers. Not because they are Rae's favorite candy (that would be raspberry licorice) but because I could fill this jar for about a buck.

.You got me, I am a bargain shopper. Or something like that.

Rae would have wanted healthy options, so I did chop some veggie sticks for her.

Then I served some Sweet 16 Sugar Cookies.

And this is about when the party got started and being hostess took over being food photographer (as the hot foods started coming out of the oven and the whippersnappers were looking starved)....

But I did get a picture of this, I served french fries with three different choices of sauce.

.Ever had fry sauce?

When I was in high school I mixed all sorts of condiments in search of the perfect fry sauce. Thank you Training Table for showing me the way!

I hope this post answered all the emails (that I didn't get).


Until next time.....



Johnna said...

I'm so glad you posted about the food; I didn't have the nerve to ask!

So, that's really cotton candy in the cups, then you pour Sprite over it and get colored Sprite?

I am very impressed with the food and presentation. We threw my oldest a sweet-16 party in February, but it came out much more rag-tag.

I am Lorinda W- you can call me LoW said...

Johnna- haha! Yes, it really is cotton candy. I think they got a kick out of it, even if it just made the drink sweeter but didn't change the flavor. :)

dar said...

pretty neat party stuff, the food looks so yummylicious

The Crash Test Dummy said...

Ha ha ha about the (that I didn't get part) You're such a cutie patootie. And WoW about the food. You are such a good mom. And all while Wes was suffering with his appendix. How is he, btw? Maybe I should read down to find out, eh?