From LoW's Man

I didn't realize the significance of this day in 1970. I was probably eating dirt and picking my nose. I was 4. But it was a special day. It was the day my future wife was born. I don't remember if I got that warm, fuzzy feeling but I'm sure I did (may have been around nap time). Anyway, our paths crossed in church where I saw her grow from a giggling kid to a beautiful woman. She is my talented, loving better half and I don't know what I would do with out her. Sometimes I tell her that she heals me. It's true. She makes our house a home. She tolerates my many weaknesses and takes care of our kids. I'm a lucky man.
your husband


Cindy said...

aww. Love that.

All8 said...

Well, Happy Birthday, you lucky girl! Hope that it's a great one.

Sister Black said...

gary? did you have a "ghost writer" for that? i kid! that's very sweet. aren't you glad i kept giving her "clues"...she might not have figured out you loved her on her own (0:

Anjeny said...

That was really sweet! Happy Birthday...I wanted to leave a little something in your comment box but alas, your comment box is too small for it so you're going to have to come to my blog and check it out.