That Tickles Me

I love it when my big kids are good big bubba's and sissies to their younger siblings.
(that's how you are suppose to say brothers and sisters in these here parts)
For Nolan's birthday, Zoe was set on giving him some art. She drew a portait of Nolan with a quote bubble that read, "What's up?" (which he tries to recreate live, as you'll see).
Then she insisted she frame a UFC picture for him. He loves UFC. Why and how, I do not know. But Nolan can't understand why she'd have him (in the picture) fighting BJ Penn.

Did I set the movie up too much?
I thought he reacted beautifully to Zoe's gift.
I wonder where he'll hang the picture in his room.


aniC said...

nolan is sucha ham.

The Crash Test Dummy said...

Oh my goodness! That picture looks exactly like him.

hee hee